EP recorded with the Tascam DP-03

Ghost Lemon

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Hi All. For those wondering about the capabilities of the DP-03, I recently released an EP that was recorded and mixed entirely on this machine (apart from some post-mastering normalization via Audacity). You can find it here: .

Welcome, Michael. How about some details on what gear was used and how you got this done.

1. What mics were used for guitar and vocal. How were they connected to the DP-03.
2. What guitar(s) were used. Were they miked or plugged directly into an interface.
3. What did you use for drums and how did you get them into the DP-03.
1. I used one mic for everything (guitar, voice, percussion): an AT 2020 condenser, plugged directly into the Tascam.
2. For guitars I played an Ibanez AC240 and a Guild D20 during those sessions. (I didn't play an electric, since I don't have one, alas). In nearly all cases I assigned the rhythm guitar to two tracks and panned them to hard right and left. For synth pads and other things, I used a Yamaha Reface CS.
3. On some songs, I used hand percussion (mostly a Meinl bongo cajon). On others, I used an Alesis SR18 drum machine, plugged directly into the Tascam.
Thanks for your interest!