End of the world...... Metal for some guitars...

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Hey guys, this is a song that I've been mixing for some time now. The song is getting close to being done but I'm looking for some help on making it sound great. Nothing necessarily in particular, just anything you guys feel like bashing.
Bash this little Guitar-Instrumental away!!

recorded with my new Vox AC 15 HW1X

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9 strings

Thanks for listening cakewalkgg, I have at the track all composed and performed himself. Some variations in tempo I have installed with a Tempo Track in Cubase.
But what can i do with the drums? The toms are not good, and the snare is no longer my taste:)
the current drums are AD, but I now added myself superior to the Metal Foundry expansion, might sound better.


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Hi Leo!
Great tune and playing.. mix-wise I think the rythm guitars should be more "in your face". They sound buried in the mix to me.
The drums aren't bad, the kick could be more "punchy". Yes, Metal Foundry is great!!! But lets face it, real drums will never be substituted! :P haha


9 strings

But lets face it, real drums will never be substituted!
Too bad Hugo you do not live around the corner, I would like you as a drummer in our band!
Yes the mix, I reampe times and more!