Dp32 screen failiure


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I've got a dp32sd which I've been using. Last week when I switched it on all was good, it passed the loading screen and got as far as the main channel view when it faded and went off. I restarted and the same thing happened. Now there is nothing no loading screen or anything, however the channel buttons still light so power is getting to the unit.

The unit is less than 2 years old


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Oh brother.......that's not likely to be good. I have a DP24 that I only use as a mixer these days but have not had any issues with the display. None of the 6 buttons to the left of the display do anything? Had you made any changes to anything (power supply.....DP32 settings....etc.) just prior to this happening?

Yeah...I know I'm no real help. Sorry. Somehwere on the web...someone has had this happen and there's likely a way to repair / replace the display.



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Hmmmm.... I'm a dp32sd owner and an active member over at the Tascam forum for years. I dont recall anyone ever reporting an issue like this. Doesnt sound good.

Makes me wonder if a ribbon has become unattached or something.

Have you attempted to contact Tascam support?


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The Owners manual states it is an LCD display so these use back lights and in Sony tape decks and receivers and other LCD display devices often this is the problem although the use of LED for light sources has made better the failure rate, the LED also go out now and then. I think you are going to need a Technician for this.


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Some guys post and expect an instant answer but some expert people do not stay on these forums every minute. Then they disappear and do not come back. Todyas younger people get too much in the mind set that the answers are immediate but the I phone won't help them here will it. Most likely it is a bad backlight type or solder joint. If it needs a new display that part will probably cost more than a new unit- they are not going to have this kind of part sitting in a box but like Sony did they have units that are parted out to supply the needed parts but they use these for warranty not selling parts. It is easier to send a replacement than to fix it and that would be their solution if the company wanted to make a customer happy but they are more concerned with profit these days than happy customers.


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Well there are only owners manuals available and so this would indicate that they don't want anyone to repair this thing. Like a lot of digital junk made it is considered throw away. If you contact places like TAP they will probably estimate the repair at $800 as they have done to other items I have checked from their customers and there was nothing wrong with the item they had. Typical CA service.