Does this guitar sound heavy?


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Eh... kinda? Your mix is lacking in the low-end tho.
Also, riffs don't really sound heavy by modern standards. To be "heavy" these days, you more or less need to play insanely fast or sludgily slow.


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Define heavy. Slayer heavy, Pantera heavy, Metallica heavy, Five Finger Death Punch heavy, Black Sabbath heavy?

Not sure the Kinks were ever heavy, but that's what you got going there.


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Could fit a definition of heavy.

But true heavy by today’s standards needs a drop tuning.

As to the tone, it’s sounds like an amp sim. I’ve heard better guitar tones from you.

Someone brought up bass. That’s important. Bass is the thing that gives the guitar weight..... heavy


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Throw some bass down. Double up on the guitars. Not copy and paste, record two tracks of different performances. Use a different guitar for one track or even just different pickup selection. Pan hard right and left . Bass down the middle.

That will chunk it up a bit.


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Peanut M+Ms are perfect.

Bars? Whatchamacallit it pretty ok too.

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It sounded a bit like me LBS.
I have been into heavy of late, and am enjoying my Yamaha RGX A2 guitar, which has dual humbuckers.
Didn't think much of the guitar at first, but it is definately the tool for heavy.
This I use in conjunction with a Behringer Vamp Pro rack, which I bought because I couldn't afford the Line 6 modeling rack.
Between models and effects I have a whole bunch of 'heavy' voices, which I think are pretty amazing.

I'm currently buying rock DVD videos, and have watched a Saxon one, which was plenty heavy, and also a 3 DVD set of Waken 2013 metal festival.
Spelt Waken but spoken Vaaken, as it is in Germany.


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first it sounds like single or humbucker? this sounds like humbucker....its not thin....thick-ish, full...but could be heavy strings like SRV
then is it Marshal, Fender, Mesa sounding? maybe more Mesa Boogie sounding imo.
its got the "transistor type, preamp tube type distortion" where its not Mud distortion, its not fuzz saw wave distortion, but has a guitar pedal distortion sound imo....

going to listen to the kinks, theirs sounds like a Fender Champ amp with a lipstick pickup, thin, sparse, not really a fuzz-distortion, not a marshall cranked but a small speaker clean "dirt" sound.
your is closer to the Van Halen distortion, without the grand canyon 80's echo verb signature....

your version sounds like a Orange amp to my ears. sounds great , thick and full and more modern than 80's VH version....

im just riffing....