Do you have a BOSS BR-8?


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Searching for help...

I have an old ZIP disk from a Boss BR-8 multi-track recorder, which has some tracks on there I would love to retrieve, if possible as separate stems so I could remix.

From what I have read the recording format for Boss on ZIP was proprietary, so just getting my hands on a ZIP to USB reader might not cut it.

I looked at trying to find a used BR-8 but they aren't easy to come by and still well over £100 most of the time...bit rich for me as I only really would use it to transfer some files...

So...I'm looking for someone that already has a BR-8 and would be willing to receive the disk from me in the post, and transfer the tracks off that and pass to me, all for a fair fee.

Hope you are out there!
Thanks spantini, this is a really great help. So the hunt for ZIP to USB drive is back on again here...

Thank you again!
I hope this is applicable. A lot of these old conversions may only work with older Windows versions like XP and 2000 - not sure about Win 7 or 10.
The software downloads and opens well with Win 10, that much I’ve checked. Found a local ZIP to USB drive so will report back once have given it a whirl