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DistroKid sent me an e-mail one day saying I could claim my artist profile on Spotify. I went and filled it out. Two days later they sent me an e-mail saying that Spotify had a problem with one of my releases and I should avoid using pay for play sites (which I never have). The next day they removed my music from ALL platforms and erased my bank history.
I sent them two requests to find out 1) Why they zeroed my account's history, and 2) Why, if Spotify had a problem with ONE of my THREE releases ALL of my music was pulled from EVERYWHERE. No response from them for two weeks, so I deleted my DistroKid account so at least they won't charge me the annual fee...
Trying to make sense, but they won't communicate with me, or even let me know what I actually did wrong.


No, I was listening to my own music on several devices (4) on a set playlist. Apparently this is a problem for Spotify. But, rather than warn me, or suspend my artist account for a period of time, they simply remove it. But that's not the end. . .
If that were the sole problem, I'd just chalk it up to Ken did something bad and he has to pay for it...
DistroKid said in their e-mails that Spotify was taking down ONE of my albums...that they had nothing to do with it, they were sorry, etc. When I went the next day to DistroKid's site, they had removed all of my music from their own site, removed all my plays and streams and sales histories, and when I checked, they had removed all of my music from Spotify, and Amazon, and YouTube, and Deezer, and Apple Play, and Google Play...etc. Okay? These people are supposed to be on MY side. They are my distributor. Spotify had a problem with one release so all of my music everywhere must be taken down? That doesn't sound like a company I can go back to...


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No, I was listening to my own music on several devices (4) on a set playlist. Apparently this is a problem for Spotify.
I don't think that's a violation of anyone's Terms of Service.

You pay Spotify for the right to stream music that's in their library. Which music that is, and how often you listen should be immaterial.

Unless you had 4 devices simultaneously looping your music 24 hours a day; that would look suspicious. (And also would not affect your listener statistics enough to make you any money)


All you have is now
Worrisome to hear this. I have an account with Distrokid but TBH only have two originals that are ho hum I think I've made $1 BUT dang I'd be really pissed off ifn I was you... The customer dis-service.

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I'm afraid this is very common and there are many facebook groups devoted to Distrokid - and the feeling is that they blame the platforms, but the system wide takedowns are instigated by Distrokid. My music was doing OK - not making me any serious money but a few hundred streams a week and building. I was not doing any promotion at all, let alone paying anyone. Then, I noticed in the stats, a lot of hits from Tik Tok, more than three or four thousand, starting late in that week. I went to tiktok - not a platform I actually even had ever logged into and I discovered just one of my tracks on a large number of Russian teenage makeup videos - hair, nails, lips etc. I watched the numbers climb with each video having 500K to 4 or 5 million, and I started to get excited about the next accounting period when by my figures so far, there would be around twelve grand based on the money paid for the few thousand. Instead, I got a catalogue wide takedown, because Distrokid identified this as probably pay for click promotion. Absolutely nothing I can do about it, and they even zeroed the hundred dollars or so I'd not claimed. This is very common, but Distrokid do not care, and will not help you and provide stock, unhelpful responses to your pleas. I now use Songtradr and Ditto and I got tiktok to remove the videos with my music, because they confirmed they were still paying Distrokid!

Songtradr have a confirmation screen that as the last step warns you that you MUST avoid any form of paid promotion, because it will lead to full takedown. I never promoted my music on tiktok, although it was, and still is, submitted to them. I never found out what I did, but I guess a few hundred suddenly becoming a few million does look a bit suspicious?

On all the annoyed Distrokids complaint sites, not one got the decision reversed that I have ever found. That is how it works. Guilty until you can prove innocence, which you cannot, ever!