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Yes. Keep going!

Compression sounds a overdone. It's fatigue-y.

This sort of music is not my thing - but it sounds good compositionally, and sounds good sonically except for the compression/loudness issue.

Hopefully you'll get some more feedback.

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That is really loud. -8.5dB LUFS (integrated). I don't know what the commercial [loudness] "norm" is for that genre, but it's pretty hot even for a CD. Streaming services will dial it back -5.5dB probably, at least. I would A/B it against a non-lossy "reference track" from a CD, and possibly the same thing as an MP3 download from Amazon (e.g.) to see if you're in the ballpark with dynamics.

Can't really comment on the composition, as like PHM, it's not my thing.


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I just started on a new project and i have been spending some time on it. The track is not done but im not sure if its worth to continue on the track. Please, give me some feedback on this and if there is something that i can change and make better! Thanks!

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It's fine, but why are you asking for input on a public forum at the compositional stage of the tune? If you don't know if it's worth continuing, are you going to believe someone else who says 'continue' or 'don't continue'? Would it even be your track at that point?