Bass players, what's your favorite bass rig?


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Is there a bass rig that really works for you? Something vintage. Something newer. There were some great pieces making the thickest tones I ever heard. The companies arent remaking them. When a model isnt good enough, where would you go for the real thing? Eden ? Trace Elliot? GK? or Genz? BagEnd? Alembic? Then the old Fender, Ampeg, or marshall.. Lest not forget the best....ADA.

What cabinet you push? What amp?

What yall like for bass?

Eden World Tour with a 4x12 and 15?
ADA MB-1 with 2x10s and a 15?
All Tube Fender?

Slouching Raymond

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I spent a wad of money on a Line 6 Low-Down, with an 18" speaker, but have hardly used it.
Maybe an Ashdown valve amp, and cabinet full of speakers would be better.
Right now I'm getting my best bass sounds from a rack Behringer V-Amp Bass, for recording.

rob aylestone

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I like 10" speakers for my kind of bass. In the 90's I bought a Carlsbro 2 x 10" combo. amazingly solid beast, but intended for electro acoustic 6 strings, not bass. I just loved the sound it had, and the smallness. Later I bought a Carlsbro 4 x 10" cab and a carlsbro amp - then A Behringher amp (because it was loud) and an Ashdown 8 x 10" cab that weighed something like 120lbs or something silly. I've never had any other size speakers really. I have some 18" subs but they sound horrible. Maybe I just don't like bass?


AKA Optimus Prime LEGO Vampire
Rob, that is totally normal.

10's with bass. They sound great. Then Biamp types, have a cross-over, where you add a 15 or 18" to be blended in. 10" cabinets are a standard.


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I have an ancient Sears and Roebucks. (Pre Silvertone branding) that I’m quite fond of.

It’s a hundred watt solid state head. I believe it’s using old school mosfet transistors.

Paired with its 2x15, 2x12 cabinet, it sounds pretty damn good.

Kind of a round, warm, gritty sound. Doesn’t work with everything , but plug in a P Bass , you’re in Mowtown era heaven.