Back in the game after 8 years...


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I've been recording my own noodling for over 20 years now - but on and off. I suppose I had my most productive period in the early 2000s and less so late on in the decade. My last recording before this one was in 2013.
I've always written long (5-10 min) sometimes chaotic instrumental guitar music. Low-fi sometimes experimental post-rock I suppose it could easily described as but with elements of electronic, stoner rock, alternative and drone coming into my "newer" stuff.

Anyways, I've been learning on my own how to mix properly since November 2020 and have been looking forward to applying the new knowledge to mixing my own tracks.

This is my latest track "Spill the tea" (the name comes from watching 2 seasons of "the circle" on Netflix last winter!). This is the 2nd draft of mixing and I definitely will be redoing it as I'm hearing several problems that need to be addressed. I'm very interested to hear your feedback and find out if it matches my own critique.

Many thanks in advance!
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I am not listening on very good speakers, therefore not able to comment on the overall quality, maybe a little harsh in the mids. On the mix, based on my speakers, Around 2:46, I would pull the other instruments down or scoop out the frequency of the primary guitar sound to bring that change more pronounced, it is a nice part of the song, good change up. I would also make some EQ changes to make your guitar stand out a little more, you have some good parts. I wouldn't increase the volume, just give the (guessing here) 3-5K area of the guitar some room. It seems to be carrying the song, you need to give it more shoulders ;)

Overall though, pretty good job on my speakers.


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Well - the first thing I noticed is the Guitars are out of tune - the second is the track needs a point - have you consider vocals? - The third thing the 'Chorus' comes in abruptly - it (IMO) needs to be smoother or at least closer to the rhythm - I'm also not sure if the percussion is right for it - maybe louder maybe more harder hits - The track is nice - moves along a good clip - I like the way it sounds.


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Yeah...something about the tuning of the guitars is very distracting and changes the character of the song. It seems like maybe it's your playing or fingering technique as much or more than the guitar being out of tune because there are passages that seem well tuned.

Other than that.....any comments I might make would have more to do with personal choice or taste as opposed to the mix itself. There's no bad work in there really. Just get the guitars fixed IMO.



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I have a hollow body and the bridge is not fixed. I had it not in the correct place and I would tune it, but as soon as I would play it, it was out of tune. I doubt that is the problem, but ...


Yeah, the guitar is a little out of tune, but not dramatically though. The only thing that sounded weird to me is the "fuzzy" guitar. It has too much high mids I think, I dont know....thats my opinion.

But the track sounds promissing. It reminded me a little bit of a Garbage tune, you know?


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The guitar that comes in around 1:08 doesn’t seem to have a lot of sustain. I don’t know if you can change that in the mix but it seems to take a bit from the energy of the track. I really like the vibe of the track though.

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I like the insistent relentless nature of the groove. A few melodic liberties taken but I like that too. Would be interesting with a vocal, maybe female. Mix is pretty good on headphones. Nice job