Anyone upgraded to Reaper v5?


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I've been using/upgrading Reaper v4 for a while now. I think I'm up to v4.78.

I know v5 is out, and I think it even has a patch out. But I'm usually cautious on major version changes.

Has anyone installed Reaper v5.x?? Any problems?


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I patched up to 5.01 a couple of weeks back and haven't noticed any differences at all. I liked the look of the new v.5 interface/theme but unfortunately the markers were less legible than the old v.4 theme, so I had to revert back. I use the markers to remind me of chord changes for overdubbing.


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I did the upgrade (and finally upgraded my license; I skipped all of 4), but haven't futzed with it much yet.

I did notice that the clip indicators seem to operate really differently. I recorded an interview with my band, and it looked to be clipping all over, but the red light never went on.


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A seamless update here too. I was a little dubious so updated my laptop before my main PC and all worked perfectly. So the main recording PC was updated a couple of weeks back and then patched to 5.01 when it was released and so far experienced no negative effects from the update.