Anyone tried recording a Blackheart?


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I am so tempted to pick one up just for recording. Specifically the Handsome Devil. But I know what it sounds like in a store is not how it's gonna record. I am not worried about road worthiness or how it will sound on a stage with other musicians. Again; this is just for recording. So, hands up; who has recorded one? In the store they seem dead quiet. Did you record it dry? What mic did you use? What guitar? Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.


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any tracks laid down yet?

I was kinda waiting to hear something... just an old SM57 in front will do.


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I haven't pulled the trigger on any 'new' amp yet. I am so indecisive at the best of times, I take a long time to figure out if I should decide or not. Now the same store has the discontinued 'V' series from Crate that the Blackheart superceded. Apparently, this store bought a lot of the discontinued stock, and the prices are just silly. I'm talking as one example the 18-watt 1 x 12" all tube combo with Reverb (something no Blackheart has) for $249, vs. $399 for the 15-watt Blackheart combo. The Blackheart Handsome Devil is essentially an Orange Tiny Terror with a lot less preamp gain, something I can appreciate. I mean, when you need overdrive, I suppose that's why God invented the Keeley Blues Driver. Now compare this to $700 for a Tiny Terror (with fewer tone controls), and you'd still need a cabinet. Man, I could just keep on recording my Bassman, but I like the idea of hauling a small amplifier from the closet and getting some groove onto tape faster. Assuming I was recording to tape.


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Where did you get that idea?!

Ummmm, well, I have opened up a Tiny Terror, but not a Handsome Devil yet ;). So I have a pretty decent understanding at least on what Orange is doing. I really like the Tiny Terror, don't get me wrong. And I hear Orange is coming out with a Tiny Terror combo, so that's another choice for me. But the Handsome Devil has three more tone controls that actually work, so maybe they aren't identical twins, but pretty close. The Orange has two dual-ganged potentiometers for the volume and gain controls, which is unique. I doubt Crate copied that, but ya' never know. Essentially, both amplifiers are AC15 influenced. Orange also taps into a lower voltage on the power transformer for the half-power switch, which is really different. But really, it's a pair of 12AX7's and a pair of EL84's; how different can you be? And apart from speaker choices, how different can your tone be?