Am I missing something??


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I hope this is in the right place. I am using a Soundcraft ui24r as an interface for Pro Tools. Maybe I am missing something, but there seems to be a lot of patching and re-patching within the ui24r itself. When I patch things to record they disappear from the output patching grid. When I patch them to play back they disappear from the input patching grid. This is all in the ui24r itself, not Pro Tools. Seems a bit strange. I am hoping I am missing something. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Are you talking about the menu under Setup > IO?

I'm not sure if you're missing something or not but if there's ever an issue I just go in to the input tab and click defaults, then do the same for the output tab, then it's all good.
I don't remember the last time I had to do that but I only ever use one interface now so perhaps that's why.

I can't remember if those settings are global or per session - It's possibly you might have to do it for each session until they're all up to speed.
I am talking about in the Soundcraft ui24 mixer patching. The I/O's in Pro Tools are fine. I am having issues with the patching to and from the ui24.