Alternative to UAD Plugins?


Hello all,

Hopefully this isn't such an abstract question, but I was wondering if anyone knows a company that makes plugins similar to that of UAD (especially the 1176, LA-2A, API-2500, 560 EQ, 550 EQ, SSL G Bus Compressor)?

I have been using UAD and bought their OCTO satellite to run these plugins but I REALLY REALLY I'm not a fan of not being able to work on anything while I am on the road. I bought a laptop SPECIFICALLY so I could work anywhere however, carrying around an Apollo Twin X + an OCTO satellite with me wherever I go is not very practical. Continuously having to unplug them from my main studio setup, and then plugin them back in again when I am back is far from ideal. For this reason, I am considering a switch. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ujn Hunter

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Most of the UAD plugins are sold Natively (meaning they don't need the UAD hardware to run...) by Plugin Alliance ( in which you can buy them on sale (they run sales often) or if you prefer subscribe to a plan that lets you use all of them (I personally don't like subscription plans, but it may be of benefit to you, so I mention it). Waves ( also makes similar style plugins and also frequently runs sales. If you don't mind having little to no UI elements however look into AirWindows ( or ReaPlugs ( both of which are FREE and have similar plugins without the fancy looking pictures on the User Interface.