Accessing an Akai s3200xl sampler via SCSI - questions


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Hi all

Not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes... (moderators, please move this if it's the wrong place)

Here's a question(s) for those of you living in those dark, scary days of pre-USB...

I have a s3200xl and I am trying to access it via SCSI. I have a PCI-e SCSI card in my desktop that I know works under Win7 64 as I can access a SCSI CD drive without problems but I can't use it to talk to my sampler.

When I connect my sampler, the computer says it's installing a driver ... thinks a bit and then says installation wasn't successful. I have tried turning the sampler on first and then booting the computer (correct way) and also trying it with the computer booted.-

So ... questions:
Does anyone know what this driver might be?
Do I have to install something other than the driver?
Do I have to configure my sampler in any special way?
If anyone here can talk to their sampler via SCSI, do you use it under Win7 or are you also using an old Win95/98 computer and SCSI card of the same vintage as the sampler?
Is there a SCSI 'fuse'???

I know it's a bit of a doozy but ANY info would be really appreciated :)

Thanks for your help