90s Indie Rock Type Song


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Pretty Cool Song - Guitars are too loud during the 'lead' break - drums need to be up and so does the bass. You need more lyrical content - you should also change the vocal to be more in line with the ambient guitar parts.

Bulls Hit

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Listening on headphones the balance is pretty good. You've mixed the bass quite forward and my impression is that it's eating up some of your headroom at the expense of the drums. You could maybe scoop some out of the lower end.


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Mix sounds good, i like the way the drums sit the ride cymbal gives some high end ping and the snare sounds nice, the drums could even be brightened imo. The distorted guitar sounds muffled to me, it sounds like the tone knob is rolled all the way back it's an odd sound, nice and thick but i think some high end (2kish) on the guitars might help give them their own place. The distorted guitars also seem a little loud and the verse guitars could come up a bit. I like the solo section as a climax to the song.

famous beagle

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This sounds pretty darn good! The drums sound great, as do the guitars. The vocals have a nice sound as well, although I do agree a bit with Papante about maybe expanding on the lyrics a bit. This sounds noticeably better than the recordings I've heard of yours in the past! Nice job!


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very cool, love the descending line before the verse starts , mix sounds full and balanced, love the crunchy guitars mix with acoustic , great balance. Solo perfect for song. Great job!!


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Thanks, guys! Monitors sure help. Need to check the bass in headphones after reading Bull's comment. I forgot to check headphones now that I have the monitors!