3rd party VSTs arent showing up when I add them..


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So, im trying to add VSTs to my DAW for the first time. I found this video online -> Mixcraft 6 Mini-Tip: Installing Third Party VST Effects For Use With Mixcraft - YouTube

I followed all the steps to a T, But after ive added the VST folder and click ok, the new plugins arent in my VST library on my daw. nothing shows up. I go back into the Edit Plugins area and nothings there either.
I tried multiple times and its the same results. I just have the regular MC6, not the pro version shown in the video, but I dont think that should make any difference.

Is there any other way to add them to my daw? or some stupid thing ive overlooked? appreciate any help, thanks.

jonny deep

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In my daw you have to either tell it to rescan for new plugins or close and reopen the daw, whereupon it will do a rescan. Did you do that step?


I'm just going to bet jonny is correct. Restart your DAW. In fact, don't even have it running when installing software. Best to have every other window closed during install of anything-always.

In the video there was mention of selecting folder to point Mixcraft to. That would be the other possible issue.


I have Mixcraft 6 and I've also had trouble getting third-party VSTs to show up, even when I followed the instructions in the manual, used the "scan for VST folders" feature, restarted the DAW afterward, etc.

Here's how I eventually got the VSTs to show up. I don't know if I was doing something wrong the other way, but as long as this way works then I'm (reasonably) happy!

(1) Open your File Explorer and navigate to wherever you put the VST you want to add to Mixcraft.

(2) Cut the VST's folder-- or else copy it if you'd prefer to leave it in that location.

(3) Navigate to Mixcraft-- unless you did a custom installation, it should be under C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86), in the Acoustica Mixcraft 6 folder.

(4) Under Mixcraft's folder you should see a VST folder-- open it.

(5) Then you should see a 3rdParty folder-- open it.

(6) Paste the cut or copied folder from step (2) into the 3rdParty folder.

(7) Open the folder you just pasted and cut the actual DLL file for the VST, then go back out to the 3rdParty folder and paste the DLL there.

The VST should now show up under VSTi Instruments, as seen below where I've added the Scylla soft synth (recently released for free by de la Mancha):


I'd be surprised if there weren't a way to add VSTs without having to actually put them in Mixcraft's folder, but I couldn't get it to work-- although I never asked anyone at Acoustica for help, so color me stubborn. :)

PS -- I have the latest build of the Pro Studio 6.1 version, so it isn't the fact that you don't have the Pro version.


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Usually there are two ways to do this, one is Mixcraft allows another folder to map to, if not, when the VSTi installs then you will have a few options. For example, a plug in like easy drummer. you will install it as a program, then the plug in interface will go to the third party folder.

If it is just Dlls, then your copy function will work. Not sure if I was very clear, main point is, if it has a program/engine, then you will have two locations to install, the program then the VSTi interaction. If it is just Dll, then you will have to put it into the Mixcraft VSTi folder unless it gives you an option to create and map to another folder.


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you guys are awesome. thanks for all the quick replys!

SeaGtGruff, your instructions worked! very detailed, thanks a lot!