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Thread: (WANTED) Cubase 4

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    (WANTED) Cubase 4

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    Could do with purchaseing a copy this version (full version with box done paperwork if poss) as the school i work at has this and i need some experience with it.
    Let me know if anyone is willing to sell one.

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    Cubase 4? To be very honest, it's dreadful an educational establishment is still using this - 2006 is a very long time ago, and Cubase has moved ahead in leaps and bounds. The bundled Cubase cut down version provided free with even dirt cheap interfaces is far superior now.

    Does your computer even have a parallel printer port for you to plug in the dongle? Probably not! I would strongly advise you to NOT to buy this wonderful and at one point, state of the art bit of software - there's no proper support any longer and it's unable to take many of the modern plugins. Cubase 9 that I am running lacks any support now for 32 bit plugins, so VSTi suppliers are quickly moving to 64 bit only plugins - which you can't use. Colleges and schools offering music technology are doing their students a serious disservice by using ancient software - Even the exam boards would consider something ten years old to be unsupported by now.

    Look for the beginner versions of Cubase - they're not too expensive and will give you all sorts of soft synths and decent sounds, and modern features. It really is like buying a Mini Disc player now for portable audio - it works, but just tooooooo old!

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    Educational versions of Cubase are also super cheap. I would suggest looking into getting newer version with the educational license. Especially if you are working with a school, please do not teach them to use cracked software...

    I do not think anyone could even sell a license for Cubase 4. Cubase 5 on the internet is likely a pirated software. Avoid that. Purchased Cubase 9 full license will allow you to run earlier versions. But I am not even sure it is possible to download/install Cubase 4 from the archives. It is just a way old version...
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