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    Hardware or Software Synth?

    There are some great software synths out there, but, I find the best ones are the ones that aren't trying to replicate an analogue classic. Pigments, The Falcon, Phase Plant; all do a fantastic job of creating modern sounds. I own a Moog and a Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 and I'm yet to hear a...
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    Studio monitor recommendations and condenser mic recommendations

    I don't know of a better deal than Kali's. I like them almost as much as my Adam A3X's. In fact, if I'm not mixing with them and just running my synths through them, the Kali's are a tad nicer.
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    Kali Audio LP-6

    I've had a pair of Kali's for about 7 months now and I've never noticed any odd artifacts. I do notice a slightly nicer sounding mid range than my Adam's, but the Adam's are in a treated studio so I would naturally expect them to expose any harshness, even if very slight.
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    What type of electric piano is this?

    Sounds like some added compression as well, even listening through my phone.