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    Tascam dp24 to reaper, way to sync tracks as they sound timewise on the dp24?

    Is there a way to sync the tracks I already recorded on my dp24 to Reaper and be able to manipulate each individual track without having to move all the tracks around to get them in the right place timewise in the song? In other words can I transfer all my tracks to reaper in the same way they...
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    Is it a good idea to add reverb AND delay to vocals?

    Is it a good idea to add reverb AND delay to vocals?
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    Tascam dp24 transfering files to windows 8?

    Is it possible to transfer files from the dp24 to windows 8? I have tried and from the looks of it, it seems that my computer is too new to be able to transfer my songs from the DP24. Someone out there please tell me I am an idiot and this is not true. Or if you have a solution to this...
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    DP 24 Effects 2, question.

    I've had the DP 24 for about a month. Everything works great and it is very intuitive and easy to understand, accept one thing. Is it possible to send two effects to the same track? For instance, can I record a vocal track and add both reverb and delay to that one track? I see there are 2...