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    Tips on Making Heavy Rock Sound

    If you want a rock sound, you're probably going to want at least some analog instruments: replace one or more of the synths with guitars, or use a more realistic sounding drum machine.
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    DAW build 2021

    Lol! I miss generic, gray boxes!
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    Invaders From Uranus

    The new notifications system is all janky, so you may want to quote one of my posts so I see it.
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    DAW build 2021

    I do hate having to buy new power supplies and cases. I suspect on my next PC purchase, I'll really resent the old, functioning ones.
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    AT2020 X SM57 on Acoustic Guitar.

    An LDC vs a dynamic really is an apples to oranges comparison. Obviously, it's good to know which you prefer in general, but I'd recommend A/Bing some more similar mics to listen for those nuances.
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    How do they get this vocal sound?

    There's definitely a long reverb tail on her. If I were going for this effect, I'd opt for a big stack of vocals (make sure they're tight). Probably HPF all of it. Then send it to a reverb bus turned to a pretty moderate volume. It helps that she has a very pretty voice in general. I'm...
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    Recording Drum machine tracks to DAW

    Oh yes! That's almost certainly your best option. Send the e-kit to midi; send the midi to a VSTi drum kit
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    Recording Drum machine tracks to DAW

    A) Yeah, almost any VSTi drum program (like EZ-Drummer) will include a midi pack with pre-sequenced beats to use. B) Yeah, that should work pretty much how you described it.
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    Invaders From Uranus

    Cool! Yeah
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    Roundwounds and fretless bass

    My main bass is a fretless with rounds on it. When I first strung it that way (probably 15 years ago), it chewed up the neck a little, but once it had cut through the first layer, I haven't seen it get any worse. (I use the cheap strings: usually nickle)
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    DAW build 2021

    At this point, I don't know that I'd bother building a DAW PC again. It's just so much hassle ordering, testing, and matching parts. I'd rather just buy a full-featured box
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    Invaders From Uranus

    Your tones sound good, but I think the mix is pretty out of balance. It's pretty vocal forward, especially considering how much the power of the vocal is varying with pitch. Drums could definitely come up a bit to have more power. (Unless you're going for more of a black metal tone than it...
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    Splitter Cable, splitting 1 condenser microphone output to two inputs for Apollo solo usb

    I can't say for sure, but this sounds dubious. A condenser mic require phantom power. So you'll either be providing power to the mic from both interfaces (which sounds bad for the the mic). Or only from one (which sounds bad for the signal)
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    No, it’s not all in the fingers.

    To jump back a fair ways, "When I come around" could be a very good gauge of how much of tone is in the fingers. It's not a super-complex song. You could transcribe it to sheet music and give that to a player who'd never heard Green Day before. Then record them through the exact chain of the...
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    XLR to USB conversion for streaming audio

    I'd go with the interface personally. If you shop around a bit and are willing to go used, you can get a decent 2 channel interface for <$100 (which allows them to expand to hosting a guest eventually). That would also allow them to borrow and try out a number of your mics to see which works best.