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    "roll-call 2021"

    Still lurking about.
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    How Many Guitars do you own

    All this and more.
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    How Many Guitars do you own

    A lot
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    Any Other National Freaks Out There

    Not a National but I do have one, just not a resonator.
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    New Guitar Day

    It's been a while. Recently picked up a couple of new guitars for the Harem. A Custom Shop Pro PurpleBurst and a Gold Top with P-90's,
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    Guerilla Recording with 16 Bit ADATs

    This is a friend of mine's band. I tracked this in a guy's basement with two 16 bit ADATs. It's a live take with the guitar lead the only dub. Waddaya think?
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    Worst change to a guitar made by the manufacturer?

    Active pick ups for sure.
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    I don't think that I'm being creative enough with my patchbay

    I've built dozens of the TT/bantam bays at work. I wanted 1/4" patchbays at home to keep everything, well, 1/4". Mine are 52 point so I still got lots of gozintas and gozoutas.
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    Do you like living where you live?

    Hey my friend. Haven't seen you in a LONG time. In a small suburb of St Louis here. Semi rural area, my property borders a couple of state parks. Like Tadpui pionted out, Missouri is a redneck state with two islands of civilization, KC and St Louis. Other than that, I love where I live.The view...
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    H0 Ho Ho

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    It's been a while

    Thanks again my friend. It was a violin in its first life. I drug it out of a dumpster and kind of did the Frankenstein to it. As far as setup goes, rhythm guitar was a Samick SAT650 which is basically a 335 copy through a '65 Ampeg Gemini VI, that miked with a KM184/HHB preamp. Bass was a P...
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    It's been a while

    Neither here nor there, but the slide part I played on my home made Lapsteel.
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    It's been a while

    I hesitate to put this up but what the hell. I haven't been around here in a long while. Lots of personal problems. But I've ben trying to get back into things. I've been playing with some friends and one of them (Jan Marks) penned this one which I tracked, arranged and also played on. If you...
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    ZupaNova - Killin It [BustardzZ Remix]

    Nope. I don't think I will.
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    RIP Johnny Winter

    Just read that Johnny Winter just died. Saw him play many times. Another legend gone.