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    The kind of thing i hate the most

    Check out this ebay auction: Ok so you are an electronics auction company, with almost 22 thousand auctions under your belt, and you cant find a pair of freakin...
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    Animatronics and Tascam 44s

    I bought a Tascam 44 months ago and found out that it was once owned by the animatronics studio that created the ShowBiz Pizza animatronic characters. And once in awhile i go on ebay to see if any other 44s pop up, but they rarely seem to. But today i found a guy selling one and it looks like it...
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    Parts and pieces from a Tascam 38

    A few years ago a good working condition Tascam 38 was dropped during shipping (UPS) and i have it here now (given to me by a friend). I am thinking about parting it out or selling it whole to someone here who might need spares or want the parts for some other machine/experiment they may have...
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    Complete Analog Studio Rebuild

    Dont know if you know of him of not, but Bill Moriarty did a ton of Dr. Dogs recordings, all of them analog of course. Turns out that the space theyd been using isnt as good as theyd like. So they (Dr. Dog, and Moriarty) are going to completely tear it apart and refit it completely with all new...
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    Tascam 44 bias trimpots

    I have a Tascam 44 (not the later version, the earlier version as seen here: ) and i tried to find the bias trimpots inside but i couldnt. Does anyone have an idea of where they are inside and how to get to them? I took it apart...
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    Analog Tape Machine Wiki

    You know what would be great? A Wikipedia for all known tape recorders. Not just a list either. Full details as deep as you can go. Schematics (with corrections!), manuals, advice, quirks, model changes, unit specific how-tos, hundreds of pictures and scans, an individual forum for every unit...
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    Question about spring reverb

    I guess this could be in the DIY section or the effects section, but i figure its analog and many people here are technical so id rather have it here. I have a spring reverb that came from an organ. There are no rcas just a grey wire and a white wire hooked to either side which im guessing is...
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    WTB: Furman RV-1 Spring Reverb

    Im looking for a good working condition Furman RV-1 spring reverb. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
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    Tape Flanging another way

    I found this tape flanging video that demonstrates a slightly different method. I mean, its the same method, but its a variation. I thought it might be something the people here might find interesting. The guy in the vid is kind of dorky on purpose so its a bit hilarious at parts, but the sound...
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    Tascam 388 problems Part 2

    If you recall a few weeks ago there was a post about a Tascam 388 that had burnt out the fuse in the F3 position, and that the heat sink on the back was getting morbidly hot within a short amount of time being on. That was my room mate's and my 388. He has since moved out and now it is down to...
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    Dust cover for Tascam 388

    Ive had my Tascam 388 for a long time, and it works well and sounds fine, but its missing the dark brown plastic dust cover (you know, the piece that goes over the tape). I just wrote to tascam but they dont have any spares for sale. I also checked the web for spares at some sites, but they...
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    Calibrating M30 question

    In the M30 manual, under the maintenance section, it says to "plug an AC voltmeter into the access send". I know this is a total noob question, but are ac voltmeters different than a regular multimeter? How do you "plug in" to RCA jacks with these? Sorry for the noobery...
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    Got a Tascam 44 4 track reel to reel

    I just got a Tascam 44. Not the model with the NR or the one with the inputs, but im still pretty happy because it was 135 bucks and it was local. The dude even brought it to my house. So far the belt looks good, the pinch roller looks good, the heads look good, and everything lights up. I...