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    Tascam TSR-8 Playback Issue - slowing down to a stop

    thanks so much I'll try, but I am using pretty new tape that is free from sticky shed syndrome I think. Pretty sure. Would it be anything else?
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    Tascam TSR-8 Playback Issue - slowing down to a stop

    Hey I've not used my tascam tsr8 for a little while, and I cleaned it up the other day to start using it again, having got it back to my studio, and it works fine, apart from when I play the tape, the tape slows down and then eventually stops. Have seen a few people mentioning this happen to...
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    What would you buy/what would you buy first?!

    Here's my set up Mics : Sontronics STC 3x (not that impressed with this) - vocal mic 2x Rode NT55s - these are awesome 5x Sm57s Mixer: Fostex 812 - really nice mixer, enjoying it very much. but only 24v phantom power so got an external source of 48v too. Reel to Reel: Tascam TSR 8 And...
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    CUTEC MR402 - stopped working

    I was recording on my Cutec 402 - 4 track multi recorder, and it was sounding nice. Quite slow rewind and fast forward, all working well. Then I was rewinding having recorded 2 tracks already, and all of a sudden the tape just got chewed up really badly, it took me an hour to get it all out as...
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    Tape slowing down during playback

    Hi, I have been recording drums (six channels) to my tascam tsr-8, and have been putting the click track/backing track (guide) on to channel 8 of the tascam, recording it from Logic, thus allowing me the ability to hear the backing track and play along, bypassing all need to use Logic Pro 9...
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    Issues with TASCAM TSR-8

    Hi guys, I've been recording with my Tascam tsr-8 for a few weeks and its been working really well. I had to buy some brand new tape (3 of them) - RMG SM900 - and I've been using the first reel of it, all working well. Then yesterday, i started using the second, having transferred the tape from...
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    Tascam tsr 8 - Low Output

    Hi there, I've been recording to a tascam tsr 8, going through a Fostex 812. I send my tracks to the 8 bus tracks and then to the tape reel to reel. All the inputs look nice and hot and everything is working well, I record and then when i play it back the signal is super duper low and the...