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    Cant Behave

    Hi here a lounge, chill song i did a while ago Cant Behave Thanks for Listening subvibe
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    Isley Brothers Cover

    Hi Great Cover Its a timeless song & still sounds fresh today if i have to nit pick, i think the kick is a fraction too loud & maybe you could put a congas/percussion loop to give it that 70s swing Otherwise Excellent stuff & well done subvibe
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    My Heart is a Cyclone

    Hi Thanks for taking the time to listen & your valuable comments subvibe
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    My Heart is a Cyclone

    Hi Just done a new Song .. Pop Ambient type Feel My Heart is a Cyclone subvibe
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    What type of electric piano is this?

    Hi Well the Lesson for today is Don't Lend your Stuff out !! subvibe
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    What type of electric piano is this?

    Hi It could be the "E" model electric piano this was a sought after piano in the 70s & 80s but again it could be a Fender Rhodes which i owned lent out & never got back subvibe
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    Breathe Slowly

    Hi I did this Ambient song a while ago But forgot i had done it Its Laid Back with some Vocal Fx Breathe Slowly
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    "Apollo 18", a mellow spacy original

    Hi you are probably right , sometimes less is more you could also think about rhythmic pads LOL Its a great song subvibe
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    "Apollo 18", a mellow spacy original

    Hi Nice Ambience & sounds a bit Pink Floyd Wide Sounding Guitars nicely done.. was hoping for a Sub Bass or Drums to fade in all in all Great Stuff subvibe
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    Some Doors

    Hi Nice stuff even if its not my Style Love the sound of the bass its really warm & round Gr8 subvibe
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    Push Me Down the Hill

    Hi I think it sounds very good & fits the genre of music , Is it a type of Skiffle without the washboard ? its well played well sung , the mix has a charm that reflects the period very well & sound analog Good Stuff & Well Done subvibe
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    Hi Just done another song , Its in a Chill RnB Laidback style Remembering Thanks for Listening subvibe
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    My Future (Billie Eilish cover)

    Hi i rarely do any covers But couldn't resist doing a " music" cover of My Future when i heard her voice being so jazzy/ sensual . Its crap compared to the original but a challenge to try it Billie My Future any comments welcome Thx subvibe
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    Hi a little abstract for my taste Nonetheless well recorded subvibe
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    Indie song - Sunday Driving

    Hi Nice Song & well done .. The Guitar has a good Stereo Field but it sounds like the drums are a bit separated from the mix what i can hear of the harmonies they sound good so maybe pan a little L R & a few milliseconds delay i think you should be proud of what you have done & try some other...