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    Save me I,m not Crazy

    Hi Done a short song , Its a bit different to my usual laid back Chill out style Its more up tempo Pop EDM Thanks for taking the time to listen,,, all comments welcome subvibe
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    Far Away

    Hi I have done a Ambient Song simple arrangement Thanks for Listening subvibe
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    See it in Your Eyes

    Hi Thanks for taking the time to listen & your comments subvibe
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    See it in Your Eyes

    Hi just done a new song , trying to create a cool groove its a bit repetitive any comments welcome thx subvibe
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    What can I do to improve my mix on this song?

    Hi Sounds nice to me , nice funky groove subvibe
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    Hi I have just done a new Song The Style is Ambient , a bit like "Cafe del Mar" chill out It has some Sub Bass & Deep Pads.. not so many vocals any comments welcome Thanks subvibe
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    Said i Don't Mind

    Hi another song in my series of Chill Ibiza Lounge style music Thanks for Listening subvibe
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    Mastering / Finalizing inside of DAW or...???

    Hi Yes you can Master in a DAW but I think Cakewalk maybe somewhat Dated I used Cubase 5 32Bit for many years But after moving to Cubase 11Pro & now 12Pro it opened up a whole new world Also the plugins these days are top notch I think you should bare in mind if you are mastering to use gain...
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    Can you Hear me

    Hi Here is a new song I have done Tried to keep it Ambient & Chilled … the Outro is intentional Thanks for Listening subvibe
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    Don't Care

    Hi Mark this was done in Cubase 5 at the time & you are right some parts are boomy . i took on board some comments & hopefully my newer songs on Cubase 11 & now 12 wont have this problem Thanks for taking the time to listen & comment subvibe
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    Cubase 12 Pro

    this what i read Due to technical reasons the following plug-ins and technologies have been removed from the product scope VST instruments: Mystic, Prologue, Specter, LoopMash are no longer included in the factory content of Cubase. Cubase no longer supports ReWire. VST 2 plug-ins are no...
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    Don't Care

    Hi Here is a song i did in 2021 its got a RnB type feel subvibe
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    Cubase 12 Pro

    Hi There is a great Video from Dom Sigalas on YouTube he runs through some of the new features & makes it look easier than it is But some great stuff & already trying these out subvibe
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    Cubase 12 Pro

    Hi I also had a lot of 32bit plugins with my old Cubase 5 but resigned to the fact going forward to Cubase 11 Pro 12 Pro that i would lose these its part of the progress & also a good opportunity to use the newer & improved ones I did a lot of songs on Cubase 5 & loved its simplicity but...
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    Cubase 12 Pro

    Hi you can open up your Cubase 11 projects in Cubase 12 it automatically scans your plugins, not sure if it will scan VST 2?