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    Covid Quarantine Cover - Stone Free Jimi Hendrix Cover

    Passing the time during my cov -odyssey, been recording some covers for fun, here is my cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Stone Free" . I wanted to try panning guitar on one side , bass guitar on the other , for a kind of authentic sound of recordings I love from the past....vocals as usual are...
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    "Heart In Your Hand" original

    Been messing with a song wrote/demo for my band, its kind of power popish , bit of a departure for us ..wondering how it sounds to fresh ears.... Heart In Your Hand by stratmonkee | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Covid Quarantine Cover - Led Zeppelins Dancing Days

    Making the best of my downtime away from my band messing around with some covers...this was a fun one to try, the original had some cool guitar parts /open turnings etc. I decided to use my trusty ebow for some of the tracks and think it came out pretty cool.....vocals are my challenge...this...
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    Another Covid Quarantine cover- Psycho Killer

    With all this newfound time on my hand, and the band sidelined, been having some fun recording some covers....this one is by The Talking Heads called Psycho Killer.....pretty challenged vocally , and the french part in the middle was really hard ....but was fun trying....wondering if vocals sit...
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    Love Or Confusion - Jimi Hendrix cover

    Did this one for fun, experimenting with different vocal sounds and guitar stuff....hard one for me to sing, but had fun trying ;>) I feel like the vocals are either too loud(this mix) or not loud enough (every other mix I tried before this) ..... ps 4/4/2020 adding the new mix here : LoVE OR...
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    Travel On

    My band is working on this song , thought I would share it here for some feedback, its kind of a work in progress , its called "Travel On".... Travel On by stratmonkee | Free Listening on SoundCloud