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    Are VCRs the World's Cheapest Hi-Fi Reel-to-Reel?

    To think that a Hi FI VCR is the same as a 1/2 track reel to reel is nonsense. Now I worked for Tascam and run my own repair company to repair these but then I have worked for a Sony Authorized service company as well as both Sony service facility near Chicago plus I was a Engineer for VCA...
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    Tascam DP-008EX.

    If you have a stereo recorder then why not a stereo amp with two speakers. I don't know where shieiking comes in but you have to make sure you do not have a feedback loop with open mics around an amp output. When playing back turn the mic function off. I am not too sure what LH combining is...
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    Anyone understand DAT machines??? (Tech question)

    A DVR-22 was one of Sony Broadcast level D2 units. It was a model above this DVR-20:
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    34B Rewind Issue

    Imagine that. There are lots of people that say the right reel motor is not working on Otari MX5050 and I tell them and take the Edit switch off and that fixes it in a lot of cases.
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    Anyone understand DAT machines??? (Tech question)

    On the Preamp PCB there is usually a test point to look at the pattern off the heads. If one side is missing then you either have a clog or a broken head. Lacquer thinner or anything that would upset the enamel wire coating is not the stuff to use. Denatured is safe as I have used it for many...
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    Anyone understand DAT machines??? (Tech question)

    Video heads and DAT too can be cleaned with a business card back with denatured solvent on it. The drum is rotated around with not a lot of pressure applied. If you have a head that presents the feeling that it is a snag then it might already be broken. Changing heads is more than just screwing...
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    Anyone understand DAT machines??? (Tech question)

    Dat machines are nothing more that small VCR type decks. The Helical scan heads are very sensitive to pressure. The item we used at VCA Teletronix where we did 8 hours a day VCR cleaning and other repairs we use Text Wipes. The chemical we used was called Fedron and I think it was too strong but...
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    TASCAM 122 MK111

    This continues to be a very common problem with these decks as I worked on two in the last two days. The Gear C which is made up of no different material than the others seems to get more discolored and becomes more fragile maybe due to mechanical stress. I had one the other day that not only...
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    388 - Channel 2 & 7 recording really quietly

    If a channel sound thin them maybe the bias is not what it should be. The bottom of the head looks like more wear than the top in center photo.
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    Finding Tascam MX2424 Usage Hours

    Maybe you need to go direct to the Tascam Forum to find him there. I sent him an E mail but I don't know if he has the time to answer. We will see.
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    Finding Tascam MX2424 Usage Hours

    wkrbee would know as that is his specialty as well as being the Manager of Teac Service in Montebello before they blew that up.
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    TASCAM 122 MK111

    Hi Dave, There are people on E bay selling molded gears for cheaper. Mine are resin cast the same way they made the original only with a better resin. They are $30 each and the shipping of one I just sent to the UK was $18.45 the lowest price. There are people also 3D printing gears- I never...
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    244D compatible playback decks

    It all depends on the noise reduction used. If none was used the 234 would play back a 3.75 IPS 4 track tape and maybe any pf the higher speed Porta studio unit that are 4 track. The dBx noise reduction would just complicate things. the 244 can probably be fixed cheaper than buying a restored...
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    TASCAM 122 MK111

    Yes, This is a condition that the mechanism controller is in error mode and the most likely cause is the dried up grease they used has caused the old Gear C to break teeth or crack. This is a very common issue and one I have resolved many time. Do not just put a new gear in as the real cause is...
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    Otari calibration without an external tone oscillator

    Well this is an old thread but still people can learn from this answer as it does not expire. First all professionals use a made for audio dB meter like a Leader LMV181A or even higher models. Next you have to select a correct test tape not the one used for super expensive Studer machines as...