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    DP 24 footswitch

    Hey All, Love my DP24 but have had one problem with the footswitch. While punching in and out while over dubbing I hit the center pedal and the right pedal at the same time by accident and the machine froze up with a 'file error' message. I lost everything I had been working on. The whole song...
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    dual tracks

    OK now im doing well on every thing, thanks to all the help. Im at the point were I want to record on track 13. Track 13 and on have tracks sharing one fader. When I asign a track and imput to track 13 the imput goes to both tracks(13 & 14). How do I record and change imput on one track or the...
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    send effects Tascam dp24

    I cant for the life of me figure out how the send effects works. Guitar and dynamic effects works fine. All I want to do is put Reverb on vocal tracks! Im missing something in the activation process. Help!