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    The Guitar Tone and Mix Thread

    Marshall Origin 20 watt head: 1 watt setting I've had a few days with the new Origin 20 watt head. It's a groovy amp. Not what I really associate with Marshall, but my only first-hand experience is the DSL. This is a vintage style amp that loves clean to edge-of-breakup. It has a really...
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    Marshall Origin 20 head

    New amp came today. I had my eye on the two new lines of Vietnamese Marshall heads and combos that came out this year. There is the Origin series, which is supposed to be based on vintage low gain Marshalls. They come in 20 and 50 watt heads as wells as assorted combos. There is also the DSL...
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    Pen Penny Pen with JohnnyAmato and ibleedburgundy

    New collaboration. Johnny sang all the vocals. Amazing arrangement of the harmony vox! Dave did the drums. I wrote the song and played everything else. Great work guys! All comments welcome. Priority is the vocal mix. Thanks! Latest mix: MASTER_Pen Penny Pen_2018_Master 8.mp3 - Google...
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    Silver Glide

    Brand new song, still tweaking lyrics and things. Haven't decided on the ending yet. Let me know what you think. These are my demo vocals and programmed drums. The plan is to bring in a good singer. Drums will need a makeover for sure. Thanks! Latest mix: Silver Glide_Ray Taylor_mix...
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    Your mailbox is full.
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    On y va

    Another song demo. I'm trying to kick out the songs I've been writing this summer. Here's the next up. This is my vocal demo with programmed drums using Jamstix4 samples. The final version will have real drums and a real singer. This is a mix, not a master. Natural dynamics are present...
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    Waves Vocal Rider

    I took the plunge on the Waves sale and bought the Vocal Rider and De Esser. I haven't messed with the latter yet. However, I did try the Vocal Rider. It took me a while to get the side chain working in Reaper. It involved getting into the pins and figuring out the magic combination. Tested...
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    Seedy Side of Heaven with JohnnyAmato and ibleedburgundy

    I posted the song demo on the forum a while back. Here's working on the finished product. JohnnyAmato sang lead and harmony vox. Ibleedburgundy played the drums. Awesome job! Early days for this mix. It's more complicated that what I've been mixing lately. The arrangement has a lot of...
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    Devil On a Roll

    Song demo with my vocals and programmed drums. The plan is to bring in a singer eventually. This is a brand new song, still making final adjustments. There will probably be changes to the lyrics. I'm interested in hearing comments about the general direction of the song. Would it make you...
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    ART PRO VLAII compressor video review

    I have been using this outboard compressor and it's sister unit, the ART PRO MPA II mic preamp, in my input chain for about three years. I use it for tracking everything. I've found it to be a smooth compressor that adds a bit of warmth without imposing too much on the signal. It works on...
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    Bored in San Antone with JohnnyAmato and ibleedburgundy

    Here's a collaboration from the forum. Johnny did all the vocals. Dave played drums. Guitars, keys, bass, and song are mine. Awesome work guys! [UPDATE: JohnnyAmato contributed the awesome outro guitar solo, both parts!] Early days for the mix. All comments appreciated. Thanks! Updated...
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    Mix Critique and Advice - Pop-Punk Original

    Here is what the wav form for your song looks like: Can you not hear the harshness? You murdered your song with a clumsy attempt to "master" it for maximum volume.
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    Recommend headphones and headphone amp

    I need a headphone amp and a good set of headphones for tracking vocals, that can also do light mixing. Budget $400. Thanks for suggestions!
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    Mayfield: Now with Jimistone

    EDIT: Here is a version of this song with jimistone from the forum singing. Still has my programmed drums, but the plan is to add real drums. Thanks! Latest mix with jimistone's vocal: Mayfield_Ray Taylor_mix 14.mp3 - Google Drive Mayfield Words and music by Ray Taylor, 2017 In the smooth...
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    Seedy Side of Heaven

    Another song demo with my vocals and programmed drums. The plan is to give real drums and a great singer. All comments welcome. Thanks! Latest mix: Seedy Side of Heaven_Ray Taylor_Mix 8.mp3 - Google Drive Seedy Side of Heaven Words and music by Ray Taylor, 2017 The morning kicks off early...