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    Mixer / recorder combination

    Been posting here a lot lately, hope that’s okay. I’m looking to finally get a reel to reel 8 track. I’m looking at a Tascam m-308 for $100 locally. And a Fostex r8 for around $300. I’m used to the workflow on my 488, and want to double check that I can connect these together and be able to...
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    Midi Tape Synchronizer

    I would really like a midi tape synchronizer for my Tascam 488mkii. I've noticed the MTS-30's appear online very rarely and they're pretty expensive. Is there another model I can look for that will work for it? Or maybe a way to stripe from my computer with an interface or anything like that...
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    Looking for better tape machine for mixdown

    I’m currently using a song t-we475 dual well for my mixdown deck from my 488mkii. I’m looking to find something that might be a little better, to make master tapes for tape duplication and such. I’m looking at something like this AKAI GX 230D Reel To Reel tape machine - electronics - by owner -...
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    Here goes

    Thought this sub forum seemed funny so I might as well try. Recording on a four track here, double tracked vocal. There's probably a lot wrong with this mix and I've wanted to redo it but I lost the master tape.
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    Poor Man's Analogue Studio

    New to the forum, thought I'd share my setup. Based around a Tascam 488mkii, With a Sony deck for mixdowns, 8 channel preamp, and an old hi-fi tuner to power the Realistic Minimus 7's. I know it's nothing like a full analogue studio with a reel to reel, but it makes pretty good tapes. I'm...