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    Where do I begin?

    Software first. If you have GarageBand on the Mac, that would work - or audacity, which is a free download. Easiest and perhaps simplest route - download Audacity. Connect your iMac's inputs to the old mixer you have. job done. Of course, the snags really just start then. You need at the very...
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    Off grid studio

    Is it actually possible to be off-grid in the UK? If you sink a well on your own land, you pay an abstraction licence. Rules on waste water are tough so you have to store it and empty it. It's possible to use solar and wind - but it's very expensive - and it usually also means all the things you...
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    Off grid studio

    It’s not travel it’s money. Bands never have any. They usually can’t afford rehearsal spaces. Your snags will be the ones you have not even thought of. Band of say four people plus you means in a studio, a lot of heat, so ventilation can be expensive and air con power hungry. Electricity for...
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    Synth stuff

    We've rediscovered old synth sounds - so with Vangelis firmly in my head did this. Found a really neat use for aftertouch - lowering pitch. Messed up - wrong link. THIS is the Vangelis style one.
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    DR-40 and DP-008EX Recording Questions

    The DRT-40 is a fine stereo recorder, as are the two Zooms I have, but if I want to record and mix, especially with overdubs, then they're not that convenient and it's a bit of a faff. I'm sure the multitrack is a nice bit of kit, and my friend has one - but I just can't imagine not recording in...
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    Small Professional Vocal Studio Interface

    Totally agree - even worse for me as my preferred headphones for overdubbing and recording are Beyer DT150s, and these like plenty of level - hence why the Behringer 8000 does good service for me.
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    Small Professional Vocal Studio Interface

    Totally silent for one mic could be noisy on another? Using my usual mics - noise would not be an issue with my most expensive or cheapest interface. On the headphone front, a Behringer rack mount headphone amp gives of flexibility - I never find the headphone outputs on the interfaces very loud...
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    Small Professional Vocal Studio Interface

    I suppose so much depends on what you need. My multi-input Presonus has a single mic cable in it most of the time, and maybe something in one of the jacks. It's now very rare when I need all it's ins and outs! I REALLY the Lexicon Omega I have - but they stopped doing drivers - a real shame.
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    Korg Collection 4

    I am very sorry, but we do not understand your posts? They are very confusing and do not make sense in English?
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    SPAM: non working JL Cooper PPS-100 & HP 400H VTVM, free pay shipping only.

    I don’t quite understand what you want, or are offering. I think you have a fried external power supply and are offering it to anyone who might want to fix it? It’s not very clear, sorry.
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    Small Professional Vocal Studio Interface

    Is there an interface that actually sounds bad, ignoring those usb cables with an XLR? Some have better performance when you need a bit more gain, and others have more gizmos, but has anyone bought one and returned it and bought something ‘better’ that would be interesting to hear.
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    Reaper DAW, will it deliver all the "goods" in multi track recording?

    I'd just have to disagree - Each interface might have a different sound, but with good ones, it is very small, and I'd go so far as to suggest that any DAW that changes the sound is worth avoiding, if they exist. Once the audio is digital, then in to out should be totally transparent - the...
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    Formatting 160GB disk took 21hrs

    That’s an awful lot of space vanished? You sure the hd is healthy?
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    Guitar cheating - absolutely NOT Mr Quango

    Thanks lazer - but not really because it's comping and copy and paste an awful lot!
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    Guitar cheating - absolutely NOT Mr Quango

    Top line and the arps - but there is a repetitive sample playing the faster twiddly bit - I couldn't even play that slowly - it's like a 64th note thing and it just didn't work. Finger nails on steel strings and the length was because it had to last the length of the video clip it supported - on...