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    How do they get this vocal sound?

    Multiple voices, close spaced chords - so three sort of melodies stacked. The reverb isn't the feature it's just lots of of oohs and the volume levels tweaked to make the changing note more obvious but the other lines down a bit. I suspect no chorus of ensemble effects, just multiple voices...
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    THIS applies to EVERYONE

    I never use a standard HPF filter, I use EQ and adjust till it sounds right. I never follow rules - you know, it's a bass, slap on a compressor, it's a girl singer, small condenser = breathy sound so roll the top off. Another thing I never do is use a mic off axis on purpose. We know what it...
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    THIS applies to EVERYONE

    That's how education is now, sadly.
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    Setting up and monitoring using an audio interface into Cakewalk

    You absolutely do NOT want to use your computer's sound system - on a grands worth of computer, the audio components are probably worth as much as a Big Mac Meal - really - they're not designed for quality audio, but your new interface is - It handles ALL your audio from now on. Whatever...
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    THIS applies to EVERYONE

    I worry about these kinds of video because if the viewers don’t completely understand the points they are making they start to formulate rules, and often, they’re just guidelines you follow/reject depending on what you are trying to do. French horns are a good example. I can imagine somebody now...
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    Will a 60 watt solid state amp rated at 4ohms work with a 300 watt 4×10 bass cab rated at 8ohms?

    In my office, I am editing video with two RCF 5" monitors for my sound. Mainly because I have quite a few of them and they sound fine. I was looking for an amp - the first one I pulled out wasn't what I thought was in the case - it was a 2U 2400W version, not the 400W I intended - I turned the...
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    Newbie on steriods

    Whenever you assess yourself you will never get it right. Find a person who has no axe to grind and doesn’t know you, and ask their opinion if they have experience of your sort of music. If you hate their comments it doesn’t matter, but it is what a stranger with no knowledge of you thinks...
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    This is perfectly normal music production. Music is art so we love or hate it, and really don't know why. Right back to the 1600s when people started writing it down, some composers wrote music with words, some didn’t. Each to his own. I’d not thought my own thing of treating the melody of a...
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    Teac A3340S issues

    Laced up properly?
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    Newbie on steriods

    Don't forget that recording voice, probably above every other instrument relies so much on the room. An average voice in a beautiful space outpaces a great voice in a rubbish room. When you record with your zoom - you are recording everything, so the location is key to success.
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    Yes Acoustic

    He's been an active member of the Grand Order of the Water Rats - a charitable organisation made up of entertainers.
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    Yes Acoustic

    I've worked on three or four of his solo shows over the years - always great if you like keys based music - but he's actually a great story teller too - he tells stories then does some music - then more chat. His son is really good too. He's got a big old barn - full of his old kit.
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    Idea, Making it Sound Purposely Lo-fi

    I've gone through a few of my all time favourite songs and read the lyrics - it's really weird. There are indeed stories I wasn't aware of, and some are interesting, but most I'm afraid do absolutely nothing for me. A few I realised I did sort of know the story. I tried to think of the Chapin...
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    Is it just me

    They're 'in' at the moment because they look good. That's it. They're weird and different and look cool. In most media with pictures, sound comes from perfecty acceptable lavs. An RE20 or an SM7B are huge mics - so using one in vision is a coolness decision, not an audio one!
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    A lot of questions from someone who is immune to computers

    You don't need to be a computer person - maybe getting them set up needs a few basic skills, but a logical head usually works. The thing with computer music production is that some people have the mindset that all they want to do is hit record. Hit stop, and then if it's not perfect, do it...