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    Allen Heath DR128

    anyone ever use one? I have a chance to pick one up cheep and I'm wondering if its worth it>
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    Any DR8 experts or rabid fans?

    Buddy of mine dropped off a DR8 the other day, I have a few Questions. sooooo is there any one here who still uses these?
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    windows 98se

    Any ides what would be a good DAW to use on this old school out dated box? I need to use this box once in a while,so I'm looking for a daw that will work on the 98 machine, and the newer W7 or maybe an Xp machine....I know this might be a long shot but I have my reasons for needding the 98se...
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    Here comes the Jester

    I found this one digging around on my old computer, guitar tone sucks but how about the rest of it..
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    Realtime Digital backup?

    Hello all, I'm finishing up my studio this spring, Using a 32 Channel Studio spirit board, I'll be recording to 3 Alesis XT20s summing down the 8 Bus to another XT20 everything will be mastered on to a Alesis masterlink (I'm only setting up to record 24 tracks,) My question here is, is it...
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    Ellie By Client No7

    Hello All , Mostly a lurker around this great site, I have learned a lot for you all here,. Here's the lastest from my spare bedroom studio. No vocals yet, trying to find the right voice for my stuff I have a 50 more songs posted on Reverbnation under the band name Client No7 Be honest I'm a...
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    dbx 3231 L

    Thoughts < should I buy it, or stick with the 1231 I already have?
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    AKIA DR 16 Issue

    Hey all been lurking around for some time now, lots of Great info. My issue, My wife bought an AKIA DR 16 from a coworker. This DR has had the hardrive removed and came with a noname external(sp)hard drive . when I start it up it keeps showing SYS ERR 6 haven't found much info on this, not sure...