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    What makes this song great?

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    Amplitube Max 50% Off

    IK Multimedia | AmpliTube MAX I only had the basic Amplitube 4 package and decided to upgrade to the full thing for $150. I've not had any time to play around with it but was certainly aware of what it offers as I would occasionally bump into limitations in pedal, effects, and amp selection.
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    USB Volts & Current Tester

    Although this isn't an exact real-time measurement, Windows does report what the device is estimating its usage to be in device mangler. It's handy in case your computer and/or usb hub has limited power for the ports in use, or you want to verify like I did that the audio interface is on its...
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    Sync Licensing [TV, movie, advertising, etc]

    Synchronization rights - Wikipedia I'm interested in making a few songs available but not entirely sure how to go about this. Tunecore and some other companies seem to offer related services for registering, does this in any way make the music available to those looking for it or is this...
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    New alt rock concept album... "Missing Pieces"

    Been working on this album off/on in our spare time for almost 3 years. Long time friend and collaborator Scott performed the vocals and wrote all the lyrics, I did everything else. It closely follows Scott's real life engagement and breakup, so it became a living work of art as time...
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    Waves PuigChild plugin on sale

    Specials | Waves Several good plugins for cheap. Of particular note, the PuigChild for $49 (usually $99+ when on sale). There's % off coupons to be found as well. I've had the PuigChild for a while now and it does a fantastic job smoothing out mixes as part of my mastering chain. I've used...
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    What would be cool would be if

    Indeed. Someone snapped this of me last week at wallyworld.
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    Dac ?

    Unless you have a port in the back of your skull.
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    TeamRock in trouble

    Their site is/was riddled with highly intrusive ads and pop-overs. Now we know why - they were desperate to generate revenue. Jobs lost as rock music media firm Team Rock collapses - BBC News
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    Black Friday 2016 - Music Gear Deals is (always) having a sale, plus 36 to 48 months no interest. I got a Guitar Center flyer in the mail yesterday. Waves is giving away a free plugin Thursday or Friday. Any other good deals being found out there?
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    Waves giveaway - today only October 26, 2016

    Plugin Day 2016 | Waves WIN THESE PRIZES: Waves Platinum Bundle Signature Series Collection (choose from CLA, JJP, Eddie Kramer, Manny Marroquin, Tony Maserati, Greg Wells) Greg Wells VoiceCentric + Waves Tune Real-Time Morgan Page EMP Toolbox Nx Virtual Mix Room & Head Tracker 4 Mixing &...
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    An in-progress song... "Perfect Woman"

    This is part of a much larger pop-concept album I'm working on with a long time collaborator. I do the music and performance, Scott sings and writes lyrics. Scott still has a few vocal parts he'd like retrack, but I'd say this is close to done. I have a decent handle on the mixing part (this...
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    Interesting article about the history of home recording

    Although I had borrowed a reel to reel (2 track) recorder for a few albums before, eventually the Tascam Portaone became my first true multi-track recording device. As soon as I could afford a decent PC I moved to Cakewalk 9, Sonar 8, and now Sonar X2 and X3. The tools we have today, compared...