I was born in Essex UK, my family moved to the coast when I was a year old and I've been here in the sea breeze ever since. I've always been creative, though I never had access to instruments during my childhood. I compensated for that by becoming a half decent visual artist, and can generally turn my hand to anything practical. My lack of music in respect of hands on as a kid, is probably something I should have kicked and screamed over, I had a great childhood with my family so I guess everything comes in turn. I began learning music in my early twenties, I had a horrendous marriage, two great kids and a traumatic divorce followed by a number of years of self discovery. I had my kids, now adults around me a lot as they grew up and eventually I found a great partner and now I have my second daughter, who is at 6 very musical and kindly points out all the bum notes. I've traveled to some very interesting places and lived through some tough times, done some some daft things and survived. I'm a glass half full person, I embrace every minute of each day and make no apology for sucking it dry.

Playing musical instruments, Fishing, My car, Writing poetry, Travelling to remote places.
Essex UK


Lyrical Pursuits