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    a Reverb selling gear story...

    Hey Orson.......Beaky's post that you were responding to was more than 4 months ago. Are you just trolling him?
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    What are some mixing tips that always work?

    Yeah...I get why you might say to not solo the track.......but at least as you begin to adjust......solo tracks to be sure they sound right to begin if they are just being played in front of you for the first time. You may not like the tone or you may......or it may have too much...
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    Politics and Prime

    All due respect of course...... I understand your point....but even very generic threads turn toxic here many times....and you're saying we should just give up on the actual subect because someone has gone way off track? have to read the posts before you know things have gone...
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    Dp32 screen failiure

    Oh brother.......that's not likely to be good. I have a DP24 that I only use as a mixer these days but have not had any issues with the display. None of the 6 buttons to the left of the display do anything? Had you made any changes to anything (power supply.....DP32 settings....etc.) just...
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    What did you have for dinner tonight?

    HHAHAHA..........oh yeah.......a grilled cheese-a-holic. That's been me for a couple years now. My wife keeps saying I'll get tired of them but so far.....not!! Last night.......home made pasta fazool !! My Italian Jersey girl wife can cook brother!! Had a rib roast on Saturday!
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    Locking threads?

    Acutally a good point...except that he's still sure it's more one sides fault than the other. Mick
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    Locking threads?

    Why did you only post part of my statement.......the part that seems to serve your argument? The asumption is that we should stay out of threads that offend us. As if that also means we don't want to discuss the topic? As I asked in my post.......what if we DO want to discuss the topic but...
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    Locking threads?'s ok to say.....if you don't want to participate on a topic.....then don't. And I think all of us do that to some extent. For example....If I don't want to talk about Tascam subjects.....I don't. But what if you do want to talk about a subject but find the thread has become...
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    Hey...welcome!! Just ask away and we'll do our best!! Mick
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    The dumbest trial in history finally comes to an end

    Oh ouch! Mommy...mommy.....make it stop!!
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    The dumbest trial in history finally comes to an end

    I lost an election? ???? Wow.......what was I running for? Oh crap......I lost??? Too bad huh? Geeez.....I must have been in a time warp. I went outside and checked.......and nope.......I have no bumper stickers on my car to give me a clue about what I was running for. Perhaps you can...
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    The dumbest trial in history finally comes to an end

    Haters gonna hate. Losers gonna lose.
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    This can't be good.

    Uh...oh!! Got one of those bright orange hats and vests?
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    Spectrum Analyzers. Great tool!

    Confident people are ok with saying...."hey if that's how you!" We just disagree". I've read every word of this thread......(holy crap).....and you've made your point and opinion known....and Rob has made his point and opinion known. I personally don't see a complete right or...
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    The Chair

    I like a nice plush swivel / rocker chair for working at the desk / computer. For playing guitar however......I've always had trouble with swivel rockers. When I lean back my feet can leave the floor and my playing doesn't feel stable. Just me I guess. Could be because I played a lot of...