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    Phantom Power not working. Please help!

    I tried to read about your mic. It seems that it pairs with your V8 sound card (sold together) but does not require a separate phantom power supply. Does it work fine just with the V8? Perhaps the V8 supplies power to the mic....but it's not clear. Mick
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    Years of unsolvable (RF?) noise stopping everything.

    Geeez...tough one. Could be from your house power meter if it reports remotely.....or your water meter the same way. My solar panels report via cell technology but it uses a cheap power supply. It could even be a new car using RF tech to communicate between your key fob and the car itself...
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    What Are You Using To Make Music Recordings?

    I use Reaper on a Lenovo T450s with a Zoom R16. It's an extremely capable setup. I started with a cassette recorder that came with one of those small plastic mics. I thought that was the coolest thing. Then I found a sound-on-sound Sony reel to reel and that was awesome. After that came a...
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    AKG P220 problem

    Hmmm....does sound like a humidity problem. So...everyone...tell me if this is a STUPID test. Leave the mic in the desiccant pack for a decent amount of time. Take the mic out and immediatly wrap it in plastic wrap (you know...the kind you use to seal foods). Seal the mic VERY...
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    What headphone should I get?

    Give some serious thought to trying the AKG K371 cans. Not sure of your budget but these are reasonably priced closed backs and have some excellent reviews by real pros. I have a pair and they're VERY comfortable and are GREAT to mix and master with. They would compliment your Senns nicely...
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    Help me choose on these headphones or suggest another

    The AKG K240's are fairly bass light but pretty mid accurate. I've had them. They're also open so any mic work with cans might be an issue. I'd advise the Sennheiser HD-206. I've had those as well. For $ can't really go wrong IMO. Mick
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    The Infamous Fostex MN-50

    I haven't experienced any ducking using the power supply...but to be honest....I almost always use it with the battery. As for using it's very sensitive but as I mentioned adjusting it is very "touchy"....and it may not work in certain live environments. Mick
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    Help please with zoom r24

    Having a recorded track on track 1 will not affect the ability to record on track 9. That would defeat the entire premise of being able to have 24 tracks. Go back to track 1 and see if you can change the light to red as an experiment. You should be able to. If it's red already......change it...
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    Help please with zoom r24

    I assume you arrmed the track (red light). You still have to set up track 9 for effects and preamp volume and slider volume....etc. Any settings you had for the previous bank (1-8) on the input / track you plugged your mic into are not applied to the same input in the next bank. As for slider...
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    Crackling noise when I touch a certain spot on the scratch plate ?

    Ok...this is going to sound VERY stupid so keep that in mind. I had a similar issue. Static noise when I touched the pick guard and other parts on the guitar. Not every time.....not every guitar.....just occasionally. I began to realize it was on low humidity days or days when the forced...
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    The Infamous Fostex MN-50

    I've used this with a number of different PA setups over the years. The mic was mostly a Shure SM57 until recent years when I've used it with my Sennheiser into the MN-50 and out to the PA of course. It works better in lower volume venues. It's more "touchy" to adjust for...
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    The Infamous Fostex MN-50

    I bought a Fostex X15 four track back around 1985 or so. It came with an MN-50. The X15 was a pretty good recorder. I was so thrilled to have a whole 4 tracks and the ability to bounce and add more tracks!! I later gave the X15 to an old band friend but ended up keeping the MN-50. I used...
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    What ever happened to the user notcardio?

    Hey grim...and notcardio!! I'm doing fine. As notcardio said...this place depresses me too much. I pop the site on every now and then. I guess in hopes that it's a little less supporting know. I've joined the SOS forum. To be's not better than this site...
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    Exactly........and obviously. I decided to stay away from HR about a month ago. You can figure out why. It's obvious that one poster is a hateful troll and could care less about music. More than that though......and I truly hate to say this......but what the heck is the deal with the mods...
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    My Corona

    Hey....I'm all for individuals making their own choices.....hands down......just do what you feel is right and live matter what. But....come on really think that the vaccine causes people to be MORE likely to be infected? Really? I'd agree that those who are vaxxed are...