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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    FYI......The Sony 7506 are collapsing headphones. As well....they are known to have an inherent "thin" mid-range. Now....yes....there's little doubt that they'll reveal upper frequency noises that many other phones won't catch. They're famous for that and are a good reason why many producers...
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s arcaxis says.......if you're happy with your K240's use them for general listening and mixing.......and use the DT770's for tracking. If you're determined to get rid of your DT770's....I get it. Try the Audio-Technica ATH M-50X. They have tons of great reviews....are well in your...
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    What's goin' on with everybody

    Oh yes.....the Roth IRA is an awesome method for saving for the future. ^^^^^ Baddabing!!!
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    I think the OP has been affected by "bass head" phones for a very long time. So many "commercial" headphones....earbuds.....etc...etc....are designed to emphasize bass. Even many commercial (not professional or audiophile) speaker systems do that. In seems that an entire generation...
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    How about a sample of your recording...with your voice and maybe some other content? Tell us what you don't like. Let us hear it. I'm beginning to think that your dislike of what you're hearing is possibly due to the likelihood that you have heard your results....for some time.....through...
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    Listen....I'm not trying to bum you out.....but I have lots of experience with both the AKG K240 and the DT770s. By most standards....the K240s are not the equal or better of the two headphones. As for bass.......the K240s are known for having a bass drop off far before the DT770's. The...
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    Phillips Stereo Mic

    Cool.......have you tried it to see if it works?
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    Man I feel like just giving up sometimes

    Yup......and how about tempo? Man....I've met many people....musicians and otherwise......who couldn't carry a beat in a bucket. It's not uncommon IME to find those who can't carry a beat also can't carry a tune. Maybe there's some connection there. BTW...not to mention how many guitar...
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    Maybe dumb question about Beyerdynamic DT770s

    Even the 250 ohm version should work fine with your audio interface which should provide more than enough volume for playback. Yes....they will be lower in volume than headphones with lower impedance.....but the 250 ohm DT770's are NOT a stupid purchase by any means. If your Focusrite is not...
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    Man I feel like just giving up sometimes

    If by "singing" you mean some sort of non-speaking approach resulting in some sort of melodic sound that can at the very least be described as "singing" ......then ok. If you mean singing that recreates the main melody of a song closely......ok. However......if you're referring to singing...
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    New Members: Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hey....welcome all you new members!! Ask away!!
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    Mix automation techniques ?

    Interesting mixing journey. Maybe not as uncommon as you might think. Parts of the story remind me of me some time ago. I was a little confused about your use of the term "DAW". You seem to connect that to your digital recorders.......which when you think about a digital audio...
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    Dynaudio BM15a replacement

    Question.....have you always used this room since you've had your Dynaudio's? Have the Dynaudio's always given you an interference problem? Are you saying your monitors produce the RF intererence......or are they just being affected by it? How bad is the problem? The noise issue might not...
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    Dynaudio BM15a replacement

    Hi Philly Joe....and welcome to the forum. My first impression is that your space is rather small for 10 inch monitors.....including a 10 inch sub. I know you mentioned that you calibrated with Sonarworks Reference 4 but it's difficult for me to imagine that reflections and other room effects...
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    Attic room studio help/advice

    Hi....we could use some room dimensions with locations of doors and windows....etc. It's a triangle?? Some details about flooring....walls....ceiling materials is also helpful. As for sound proofing so your neighbor is not annoyed or bothered........well....that won't be easy and is likely to...