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    Exactly........and obviously. I decided to stay away from HR about a month ago. You can figure out why. It's obvious that one poster is a hateful troll and could care less about music. More than that though......and I truly hate to say this......but what the heck is the deal with the mods...
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    My Corona

    Hey....I'm all for individuals making their own choices.....hands down......just do what you feel is right and live matter what. But....come on really think that the vaccine causes people to be MORE likely to be infected? Really? I'd agree that those who are vaxxed are...
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    Technology is not my best friend! but I'm trying to get along

    If it's not too far out of the way......I'd go back to the store and tell them about your problem. It's likely that there's nothing wrong.....but if you let them know that you think there is.....and will be returning the set if you can't find the guess is they'll do their best to...
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    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all....and to all....a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
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    Merry Christmas from Robert Mueller

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    Corona virus impact

    As far as live's been a while since I cared to play them........well before covid. However....after leaving live playing....there were a couple different groups of guys I used to get together with to jam and work out originals and just have some fun. Covid has really killed all...
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    New Members: Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hey...welcome kayakzkh !! You're not alone. Lots of old geezers here....including me. Lots of Reaper users whatever questions come up......just ask. Mick
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    Studio One randomly disappearing audio tracks

    Does it happen randomly? In other words......if you play a render and it loses certain tracks......does replaying it right away ever change what tracks dropped out or when they dropped out? Are you using any 3rd party VST's / effects? Does a render that has no effects play ok or have the same...
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    New Guitar Day

    Oh cool!!
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    Recording vocals in stereo?

    Using one mic to record vocals........I make sure to put the take on a stereo track in Reaper so I can easily use stereo effects if I want to. IMO a vocal with few other maybe an accoustic and one other element can be accentuated with the use fo sublte stereo effects. Mick
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    Adele notch IMO. Lady notch IMO. Millions of fans for both. All are opinions. Hard to so many are wrong. Saw the Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett show. Awesome talent all around. Mick
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    Not available for store pick up?

    Yeah...lately GC isn't carrying in the store as much as they did before. My question is........what if you need to return it? Can you take it back to GC or do you have to ship it? There are so many little things....and big things....that can go wrong...or be wrong with a shipped guitar you...
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    What are your top 10 most influential albums?

    Come on man......I can't pick a top ten. In my lifetime there have been dozens of albums that changed my thinking and direction in some way or other. The very first one to do that? Meet The Beatles I was 11 when they hit the Ed Sullivan show. Right after....the album came I...
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    a Reverb selling gear story...

    Hey Orson.......Beaky's post that you were responding to was more than 4 months ago. Are you just trolling him?
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    What are some mixing tips that always work?

    Yeah...I get why you might say to not solo the track.......but at least as you begin to adjust......solo tracks to be sure they sound right to begin if they are just being played in front of you for the first time. You may not like the tone or you may......or it may have too much...