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    Is it good or bad to teach child different voice improvement Techniques?

    I would like to ask for a professional opinion of vocal coaches. My daughter (6 years old) goes for a vocal classes where she is being trained some specific vocal Techniques, her coach pays a lot of attention to the exercises that would increase her voice range, make her voice sound deeper and...
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    Professional vocal removing from a song - need recommendations

    Hi! Is there any professional records studio where I could send a song and ask to remove vocals (professionally)? May be someone had used any and can recommend? What would be the cost of such service?
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    Child loves singing, what can you recommend?

    Hello, my daughter loves singing. She is 6 years old now and once we noticed that she loves to sing and has good memory for the texts, we bought small home recording pack and started do records. I have chosen few songs for her to sing that were suitable as I think. English is not her native...