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    Tools to sound like the radio

    I have always hated and still hate radio compression. I miss the receiver in my Jeep Grand Cherokee that had a digital tuner - Several stations in the area had digital counterparts with no additional processing. Like listening to the CD. Oh, it made things sound "even" for sure -- It...
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    Opinions on Pre EQ Before Recording

    If it's an honestly good-sounding instrument in a good sounding space, very little EQ should be necessary other than mild shaping to taste. That said - When I see a 'pattern' in the corrective EQ, I immediately go to the room or something mechanical with the instrument. Try putting the...
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    Spectrum Analyzers. Great tool!

    I use one (and various other meters) for calibration purposes and then turn as many as possible off while I'm working. Unless there are clients present. Then I turn them on so they have something to watch (sounds sarcastic, but totally serious).
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    If you run out of gain mixing tracks , should you compress it for more volume?

    I'm just here for the popcorn. That track needs some work from the source. :eatpopcorn:
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    Backwards countdown missing on CD tracks

    And no one uses them anymore. Or at least, it's exceedingly rare. I last used them on a sound effects collection (where it's actually useful). That's about it.
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    Looking for a simple mastering suite

    I don't think I've ever seen "maul-the-band (multi-band) compressor" and "preserving the mix" in the same paragraph. If you're trying to preserve the mix, the last thing you want to do is run it through a multi-band compressor...
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    Need my Master to sound louder

    And your reference track was arranged, recorded and mixed by professionals with *decades* of experience and then mastered by none other than Greg Calbi. I'm not saying not to have goals -- but it can take literally decades of work and dedication to reach those goals. And the end goal shouldn't...
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    Starting my first music studio - sending audio between rooms

    Last place I had a hand in building from the foundation up, we attached rooms with (4"?) PVC. Simple and effective. Knew that digital was "getting there" but it wasn't quite there yet so didn't know what was going to be dragged through the wall "next month" so we dragged through everything we...
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    New to Mastering

    You use what you need to use. You do what the mix tells you to do. These are things you probably did while mixing - and in no small part, why you'll rarely ever find engineers that will master their own mixes.
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    Master too Loud? (Youlean Meter)

    The easy answer is to bring your mixes to the level that best serves the mixes (especially important for vinyl and high-res versions anyway) and use those for streaming services. And then if you need a "crushed" version for CD (let's be honest here, we're crushing stuff to be louder. It...
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    How to make my VO sound like its a voicemail?

    I'm with Rich - 350-3.5kHz and a few dB on an upward tilt EQ may help quite a bit.
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    Advice on how to record a classically-trained singer with cheap equipment?

    [1] You're at the mercy of the space. Don't let the acoustics control you. [2] I've found the built-in mics on the Zoom H4N & H4N Pro to be quite capable on their own of picking up "the real" with pretty decent quality. [2b] I've found the preamps to be horrible and noisy. So try both, but...
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    Can a song be so badly recorded and mixed that it can't be mastered ?

    It's hard to explain, but you'd know it if you heard it. Just basically "hopeless" - Seemingly layers of distortion, layers of crushing dynamics, spectrally trashed. Sounds like there was a compressor and less-than-ideal extreme EQ on everything individually. And probably Ozone (the low end...
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    Can a song be so badly recorded and mixed that it can't be mastered ?

    Any recording can technically be prepared for release -- But I've turned down more jobs that I can count because there was nothing anyone could do to save it. Occasionally they'll tell me they want it done anyway, but I make sure they have a clear understanding that although I might be able to...
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    Moving soon...what is the ideal type of space for home recording VO?

    A well-controlled space -- Bigger is almost universally better (closets, unless that closet is rather huge and again - really well-controlled). On the plus side, VO isn't nearly as demanding as an instrumental space. You still need plenty of broadband trapping, but it's much more effective...