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    Haunted (Ambient)

    Hauntingly Beautiful.. I believe I would prefer the mix with a lot less vocal auto tune or with a dryer vox track sitting on top of it. ?? Still Very nice vibe .. mark
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    Hypnotized - Final mix -

    Thanks dobro , I've done some work on the vocals and the drums. They have had a lot of velocity changes and put in variations on the main pattern that just repeated over and over. Thanks for listening and any comments .. mark - EDIT- The top link now reflects a New mix and master. I'm...
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    Hypnotized - Final mix -

    Hello , here is a cover I'm trying to finish up (a request from my brother). Any suggestions for improving the mix or master will be Greatly appreciated. Thanks' for your time .. mark -This is the latest mix and master per suggestions -
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    In for your Love (Ambient)

    I somehow overlooked this one. Besides the usual Fantastic vocals I thought the drums and percussion tracks were Excellent. Where can I find more of your music ? Another Nice one .. mark
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    Anything (pop)

    What a Beautiful soundscape.. I thought this was top notch in Every Aspect of a performance and production. Simply Awesome .. mark
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    Darker Side (Jonny Lang cover)

    Hello , here's a cover I'm just finishing up. I've only gone thru 2 mixes but, I think I'm pretty satisfied with it . I always need more ears on a song after being so close to it. So .. if something is sticking out to you that needs more attention , I will really appreciate any and all...
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    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears

    OK , to me this mix sounds Way better than the first one. I'm hearing better separation between the sax and guitars. There was a section near the end where the L/R guitars lost a lot of the power that they needed. (at 3:56) Definitely need to punch this little repeating guitar section. I...
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    Alternative Hip-Hop Track - How's My Mix?

    Sometimes , I get trapped into a constant editing mode when it would actually be easier to re-do sections. I think the nylon acoustic should be re-tracked and "tuned" . It's pretty mechanical sounding and close to being annoying . I thought the vocals sounded Pretty Good ! You have good timing...
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    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears

    When I first moved away from tape machines , I used a Yamaha AW16G stand alone digital workstation. Later , moving the individual files to a pc I imported each instrument as a stereo wav file. No volume , pan , or effects were lost. It's really not like starting over. Everything can still be...
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    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears

    It's sounding a Lot better. I remember the pains of editing outside of a DAW , I'll keep that in mind. One problem I'm having now is sections like around 0:45-0:52. It sounds like the sax and guitars are playing the exact same notes , in the same space , and with the same EQ. It's a little hard...
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    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears

    Great energy and performance by Everyone. The main vocal sounds Very well recorded and EQd. How was this song recorded ? If you have the individual tracks there's plenty that could be done to improve it . I would start with the drums and bass soloed. Brighten the drums up a little and mix the...
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    Raunch1 - I put this instrumental together in the last few days

    Raymond , this "for sure" has something about it , and that something is Nice ! I do think the drums and bass need remixing. They both feel like they're being subdued by FX and improper EQ , pushing them too far back in the mix. They could have a lot more punch. It's a Really nice song...
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    Up and Down

    I Love the drums and bass tone. The vocal build up's were Real nice. I also appreciated the right hand guitar work. No crits' or suggestions from me on this first listen. Very good job. I enjoyed it .. mark
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    Two Mixes I am working on.

    Hey , I think the panning is a Lot better. I Don't feel the lead guitar is too loud. I did feel that the far left guitar was a little too far out to the left. Now you need some more lows and the volume brought up. But a Very good start ! If you Really want to continue this musical journey you...
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    Watchtower (REMIX) (Hendrix cover)

    Hey , here's a remix I've done using everybody's suggestions and multiple listens of my own. There's also quite a few subtle changes that probably wont be very obvious. Thank you for your help .. mark -The Soundcloud link at the top now reflects a final mix-