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    ART Pro MPA channel dead?

    I know this was all a long while back but I had exactly the same problem and came across this thread. Mine turned out to be a dodgy 20db gain switch. Lots of contact cleaner and on/offing and it now works perfectly.
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    Keyboard ergonomics

    Cheers Rob. That would seem the best compromise as the piano gets a lot less use than the qwerty so probably best that's lower.
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    Keyboard ergonomics

    Thank you for that, I'll do a bit of research. I'm beginning to wonder if I should get a smaller say 2 octave keyboard for noodling and just set the 88 up when it's needed.
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    Keyboard ergonomics

    Hi all. I'm in the process of building a smallish singer/songwriter studio and have an 88 key keyboard that I'd like to have ready for action. There's will be room to locate it at 90 degrees to my work station on its own stand but I would rather it be on a slide out under my desk (which...