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    Fall - new single

    Fall by Nick Carter - DistroKid
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    Dream Revival - Converge (pop punk)

    Technically this is my third album, but it’s the first under a new stage name given the direction the album took. You can listen from this link: Converge by Dream Revival - DistroKid
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    New album: A Dream Revival

    New album ‘A Dream Revival’ is out now digitally. If you fancy something akin to dark sounding R&B, this album might be up your alley potentially. The album is 14 tracks and features production from B-Coe (Brendon Coe) and Mister Lazy. A Dream Revival by Nick Carter - DistroKid
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    Original debut album “Spectres”

    After a lot of contemplation, the original debut album ‘Spectres’ is here, now available at major digital outlets. Doing everything solo was a big undertaking, yet it does feel strangely rewarding at the end of it all. It feels so good and I am so happy to finally be able to share this passion...
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    Feel Something.

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    Never Enough (Male Cover)

    Never Enough (Male Studio Cover) by MagicXB - Listen to music
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    Mine (Acoustic Cover)

    Mine (Acoustic Cover) by MagicXB | Magic XB | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Sign of the Times (Studio Cover - Piano Version)

    Sign of the Times (Piano Version) - YouTube Figured I'd share this studio cover I recorded and see what people thought. :)
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    You Know My Name (Studio Vocal Cover / Chris Cornell Tribute)

    Finally back into a little studio recording after quite a bit of time off from touching DAWs. Tried to use a simplified mastering process for vocals this time around, and curious how it sounds to everyone here on the forums. You Know My Name (Studio Cover) - YouTube
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    Feedback on recording quality for vocals

    Hey all, Looking for some feedback on my recording quality with my new laptop/audio recording setup. Currently I'm using an Audio Technica AT2010 for microphone tracking, an Alesis io2 for the recording interface, Adobe Audition CS6 as the recording program of choice, and iZotope Ozone 7...
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    Thinking Out Loud (Cover)
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    You and I (Acoustic Cover)

    Just recorded this acoustic cover earlier this afternoon. Handled all of the vocals (lead + backing). I'd love to hear feedback on it (headphones are recommended). You & I (Acoustic Cover) by MagicXB on Sing! Karaoke by Smule
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    Mary Did You Know? (Song Cover - 2 versions)

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd share with you a new song cover that was improvised for the holidays. There are two versions; one is a full orchestral version while the other is a stripped down version. I'd love to hear what you guys think! Full Version: Stripped Version...