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    Music to Murder - Falling Over

    Hey there HR forum types. Thanks for popping in. Please have a listen to our newest song and let us know your thoughts. I am happy to do some tweaks if there are things that should be tweaked. As always, any and all thoughts are most welcome - good or bad, brief or detailed. Mostly interested...
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    Insolence, Wine and now... RAMI

    A few weeks back, I needed to replace the programmed drums in this song with real drums for a submission. The first person I thought of was RAMI, and he graciously agreed. He did a great job as I expected he would. As you'll hear, this is not really a simple arrangement, but he absolutely...
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    Music to Murder - In My Final Days

    Please feel complete freedom in sharing any thoughts you have. Good, bad, indifferent, about the song, about the mix, about the vibe, whatever. Anything is welcome. This song is destined for a release along with 7 or 8 other songs at some point in the future. I am hoping that will be in 2016...
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    Post your latest purchase!

    Posted this in the tone thread, but hell, I am stoked about it so I will throw it up here too :). Looks badass and sounds... badder... asser. What? I have always wanted one of these. The herd, she thickens!
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    The New Tone Thread

    I have been coveting just such a guitar for over 20 years. The tone is right in between an SG and a LP. Insane sustain and those minis have a great bite to them. My fingers are killing me. It's a beautiful thing.
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    Elm and Oak

    Go with elm...
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    Music to Murder - Crawl

    This is a pretty different kind of tune compared to the first three Music to Murder tracks I posted here in the clinic. If you are one of the few who recall the style of the first three tracks, this one might seem kind of surprising because there's no funk and no sleaze. Funk and sleaze is good...
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    Music to Murder - The Presence of Loa

    This is the first song that Sam (vocals, lyrics) and I (music) ever did together. We have 7 others (two of which I previously posted here) currently complete and 1 more that is almost complete that will be going onto our first release. This tune is another somewhat sleezy, somewhat funky...
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    Music to Murder - Insolence and Wine (Don't Make Me Run)

    Another song from Music to Murder that we humbly ask for your feedback on. Funky and sleazy like the last one I posted here (and thanks again for the help on that one). Sadly, no wah this time :(. Much like the last song, and like all of our songs, the production duties and decisions are shared...
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    What does bridging mean?

    You don't need to deal with that extra window if you go into the FX browser and select the option for 'Embed bridged UI'. If you do this, it will seamlessly behave like a 64 bit plugin with no 'Show UI' button.
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    Music to Murder - Cold Soul

    Been hanging around and listening to songs in this forum for a while now. This will be my first song post here though. I plan to post many more, but I work verrrrrry slooooowly as a part-time (but very serious and passionate) hobbyist, so it will take a while. Anyone who recognizes our band from...