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    "Sweet Marguerita" (Who We Are)

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    ... just wrapped up the new Who We Are album With our guitarist finishing his slide guitar part on this piece - we're done! If anyone has any comments or even mix questions as to how things were done, please feel free to ask! Also - a BIG shout out to those who chimed in with...
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    Overtime (Every Now and When)

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    Feeling Low - Jazz Blues Rocker from "Who We Are"

    I married some practice video to the studio audio - and covered it all up w/ effects. :D
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    Album Drop: Who We Are "Every Now and When" Started early October 2019, over a year in its making, slowed enormously by covid times, we approach issuance ... inches away from a full wrap. Enjoy, comment if anything strikes you, ask questions about how anything was done (I...
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    Who We Are "Brown Haired Ordinary Looking Girl"

    Remix for final release off of new collection, "Every Now and When"
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    "Sweet Marguerita" by "Who We Are" Covid slowed us down, and we've been trying to wrap up our new collection of original material in fits and starts ... but slowly/gradually we're ticking off the remaining parts needing finishing. This one needs a slide guitar in the...
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    New video from WHO WE ARE: "Lover who won't"

    Also made with HD stock footage found free on the net ... assembled in Studio Director 16
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    Last track of new release ... "Feeling Low"

    10 Feeling Low by Who We Are | Free Listening on SoundCloud New version by my new band. Although I wrote it, we brought in a new singer ... and I think he's got the right timbre for the material. I kind of liken it to Daltrey of The Who. I cannot imagine Townsend singing all his own material...
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    "Chain Lightning" Steely Dan Cover by "Who We Are"

    We've actually been working in the studio on new original material, but we've got a gig coming up in a week, and so we're working on new cover material to play there. This is a new one we added ... filmed and tracked while we were working our parts out.
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    No feedback required - just sharing w/ friends - Who We Are - "Brown Haired Girl"

    No feedback required - just sharing w/ friends - Who We Are - "Brown Haired Girl" Brown Haired Girl by Who We Are | Free Listening on SoundCloud This was a fun one. Last Monday morning, about 6 am, long story short, I had a dream ... and some guy was singing this song in a church hall. You...