Hi, thanks for taking the time to visit. I have been playing guitar all my life (or 40 years of it) and have been in casual bands over the years. I now teach guitar and mentor young bands. I started recording myself in the mid 90s with some very ordinary recording software that would embarrass me to admit now. I didn't start to record seriously until about 2003 when I joined a band where the bass player was more interested in recording than playing. His interest rubbed off on me and I got my first copy of Cakewalk Sonar 3, soon to upgrade to Sonar 4. I ran that for the next few years, finally upgrading to Sonar X1 early 2011. I did an online course in audio engineering to glean whatever I could or maybe just to confirm that what I was doing was close. I love recording and can't get enough of it. I eventually upgraded to Sonar X3 and now I have Sonar Platinum. However, I also have Pro Tools 11 since I upgraded my computer to handle it. Great options for recording and mixing. Decided to stop messing around with mics and bought a Neumann TLM107 and a matched pair of AKG C414 XLS. So far I have collected 25 microphones. Not a large number as studios go but the collection is growing.

Guitar, Music, Recording, Mixing
Perth, Australia
software engineer


This is not a home. Its a studio that I live in...