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    Mixing Stereo - How to spread the sound over the range from left to right

    just listen to music that is broadly similar to yours, and emulate their panning.
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    New around here, wondering if there's a suitable place for a DAW survey for university research?

    Maybe a million fly-by surveys might pop up. But they can always be ignored
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    Powered setup impasse

    All mixers need power, but when you read that a mixer is a 'powered mixer' it means that it has inbuilt power amps. That means you can connect passive speakers to it, without needing a separate power amp. All mixers can be subject to feedback and channel noise. Channel noise is a function of...
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    Powered setup impasse

    Try the Presonus StudioLive range of digital mixers, e.g. And maybe the Presonus Air range of powered speakers...
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    Recording Drum machine tracks to DAW

    A possible C) is to import or records the BR600 drum midi
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    Setting up and monitoring using an audio interface into Cakewalk

    The interface converts analog to digital on the way in to the computer, and converts digital to analog on the way out. It is designed to allow simultaneous recording and playback, and has higher quality specifications than generic onboard sound modules. Your interface now becomes the audio...
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    THIS applies to EVERYONE

    There is no difference between the trial and the paid versions of Reaper other than the nag screen that pops up on the former. You can import files from other other DAWs into Reaper ok, so long as the other DAW doesn't not use an exclusive format. Reaper also has ReaRoute, which allows you to...
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    I've had it with humanity.

    I have no great problem with humanity as such. Most people are reasonable human beings. I do have a problem with those who feel the need to control others, i.e. their resources, their actions, and their capacity to operate as independent responsible agents. I have a problem with people who think...
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    I Don't Use Verses and Choruses, Good or Bad?

    No verses and choruses, good or bad? General rule number 1: listeners like a mixture of the familiar and the novel. So songs that generally work better are those that give listeners patterns and structures that they are used to and comfortable with. But if you do nothing else, you will lose...
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    Lost in cables.

    In a sentence, a mic needs to be plugged into a mic input, and on the Behringer, that means XLR to XLR.
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    DAW Capitalists

    On the other hand, service from Rode has been impeccable. So there are a few gems in the puddle.
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    Need help finding a good microphone for political commentators who do interviews/discussions over Zoom.

    It sounds like there's no noise reduction software at work, which gives it a cleaner sound
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    question about recording mixer speakers

    ^^^ what he said. Use the line out of the mixer to go to line ins on the interface. However, it's easy enough to try out both methods. You would hear a substantial difference.
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    Starting to Add Vocals to my Tracks, I Have no Idea What Im Doing

    What he said ^^ The vocals have a sense of being recited more than sung. However, it deoes depend on what you had in mind for the vocals to sound like. If you are aiming for a dry, understated, vocal style, they're fine. But if you had been aiming for more dramatic, then there are other things...
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    What are good laptops to get?

    Just about any laptop will be fine. I use an old Dell 4610 for remote recording, and do eight tracks with comfort.