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    I'm getting a music room/recording space again !!1! Woot !!

    I'd incorporate the existing open studs into my overall treatment plan. This is done with vocal booths where you frame it, double up on drywall outside, fill with insulation and cover with fabric. The stud spacing becomes the sound treatment. Fill the space with Safe N Sound mineral wool and...
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    DAW Capitalists

    Agents of the DAW. Luck less pedestrians. I know you're out there, with rage in your eyes and your megaphones.............
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    Garage Home Studio

    I brought up all of the issues of noise and isolation. The OP seems disinterested or at least, very uninformed.
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    Garage Home Studio

    Let's see, newb's first studio in a rental garage. Sure, build a room within a room only to tear it all out at the end of the lease. Makes a lot of sense.
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    Garage Home Studio

    "build" in the loose definition of the term, seems to essentially be, put together a makeshift studio. As a renter, you're not exactly building structure so lets focus on reusable infrastructure. Bass traps, gobos and absorptive panels. The next question is, how handy are you with tools?
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    Garage Home Studio

    Here would be my approach to starting. Get an SPL meter app for your phone and start taking some measurements. Go outside your garage on a busy day in your neighborhood and measure how loud it is outside and then inside your garage as traffic and the normal life continues. This will give you...
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    Garage Home Studio

    Sound treatment and soundproofing are two very different things. Keeping noise out and in is the number one issue to resolve before anything else.
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    Garage Home Studio

    What he was referring too was can you remove the garage door and frame a wall in or does the garage door have to remain? Goes along with my question regarding permanence of the space. The question about noise and neighbors remain. It'd be the first question John Brandt or any designer would...
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    Garage Home Studio

    Home studios encompass everything from a laptop & mic in a bedroom to full on professional level spaces. In the end, we are only limited by circumstance or budget. So lets talk about those things. Permanent conversion? Dimensions? Isolation requirements (both keeping noise out and in)...
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    Dynaudio BM15a replacement

    If you have a pair of monitors you like, one option you have is to build what would be considered a hybrid soft soffit of sorts. I am in the middle of a redesign of my attic studio space but what I have for monitors are temporary. So I did a lot of testing and mocking up various ideas. I've...
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    My little home studio

    Kind of reminds me of when I started in a finished room in my parents basement. It gets complicated fast so I like the simplicity of it.
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    What are good laptops to get?

    As of last month, Focusrite has updated compatibility as have most manufacturers for the M1 processor and Big Sur. There are still some plug in that are not updated and DAW's that don't officially support M1 (like Pro Tools) but many work in emulation without issue. I got mine last Dec and...
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    Studio Upgrade and Makeover Thread

    A very productive day yesterday with the help of a good friend, got the rest of the panels covered.
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    Small Room Acoustics

    Ok then someone else is building a garage studio and posted it in John's group a couple weeks ago.
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    Small Room Acoustics

    I saw the sketch on Facebook.