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    What books have you been reading lately?

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    Using computer solely for guitar effects? Latency?

    To clarify further, while there is analog inputs and outputs, all the processing such as modelling and effects are done in the digital realm. This means the analog input is converted to digital, processed through all the various effects and such, then converted back to analog. Latency will...
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    RIP John Sayers

    Indeed sad news. I got a lot of information both here years ago but also on the John Sayers web site recently.
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    Need insight about Powered vs Unpowered Sound Mixer

    Interesting board. Seems unusual but perhaps this is what the current crop of digital consoles does. I was an early adopter of digital for live. So early it created a lot of issues with riders and getting acceptance from traveling engineers. I remember one major show, I had to agree to bring...
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    Need insight about Powered vs Unpowered Sound Mixer

    Not familiar with the X-32 routing so my question would be if the main mix output is routable to the auxes? Goal would be that the main sliders control the entire system. What I like about something like the drive rack is the crossover, EQ and limiter along with RTA features. It's two in and 6...
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    Need insight about Powered vs Unpowered Sound Mixer

    I"m someone with experience in designing sound systems and doing live sound in many old New England spaces, which are near legendary for being reverberant with huge issues with intelligibility. Rob did a good job of outlining the problem with balcony speakers but the best solution would be to...
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    Bare wood vs finished wood ?

    I've read much about this as an amateur instrument builder. I am not inclined to easily dismiss the idea that finish in certain cases makes a difference. Start with the differences between nitrocellulose lacquer vs Poly finishes on guitars as an example. I've a friend who just retired from...
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    Is the Launchkey Mini worth the money?

    There are plenty of good use cases where mini keyboards are worth getting. Portability and control are among the main ones. If you are an Ableton user looking for basic control and the simple input for bass lines, drum pads, chords and simple melodies then they fit the bill for short money...
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    Using computer solely for guitar effects? Latency?

    I am running Amplitube 5 Max with the Axe I/O interface on an M1 Mac Mini. It was a bit of a dilemma deciding which package to get. I wanted the Fender collection but Amplitube 5 with one additional collection pack was almost the same as the Max bundle and then for $50 more you could get the...
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    Room EQ Wizard - Dealing with modes

    I took a very methodical approach to re-doing my studio. I started with John Brandt's room calculator to model room response but it also has a data on how much treatment is required across the various spectrum. Knowing that rooms and models don't always match, I also confirmed by measuring...
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    Radio Shack

    RadioShack? They went downhill when they got rid of the tube testers in the stores. Heathkit was where you got build kits that actually did things. My first O-Scope was Heathkit and even the local colleges used their electronics curriculum to teach.
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    How to navigate in huge sound libraries

    You mentioned working in Ableton. Here is a video I watched some time back when learning Ableton on organizing collections.
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    Dr. Bose

    802's were like the 901 just turned around and didn't have the single driver on the other side. So 8 instead of 9. Not sure the significance of the 2. I had 2 sets of 802's along with Community fully horn loaded long throw speakers when I did live sound. Could be difficult to deal with...
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    Dr. Bose

    The L1 is the logical muso centric product from the MA12 line array Bose has from the install line. The phenom was observed in the 50's but brought forth by L Acoustics in the 90's as a commercial concert system. While output levels don't hit super high spl numbers, the L1 is a really good...
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    Dr. Bose

    I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm but I've avoided even mentioning Bose as part of my background. I get there are brand loyalties and all that but the amount of hate Bose gets sometimes is over the top. I've just never understood that reaction to a brand. What I will say though is that...