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    let me see your studio!

    I still have the original bondi blue iMac that I preordered at Javits Center in NYC in 1995 when I went to MacWorld Expo!
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    let me see your studio!

    Love the vintage mac and early gear collection there! My first mac was an SE, I also had a Quadra 800, which was one of my favorite towers ever! :)
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    Can’t decide on headphones

    I like my AKG K240 (open back) for mixing, AKG K271 (closed back) for tracking. AKG has never let me down!
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    Balanced/Unbalanced patchbay questions

    Balanced patch bay did the trick! The DBX is a nice unit for the money and I’m thinking about replacing all my old ProCo patch bays with them. Some of the plugs on my ProCo ones are getting loose and a real pain. Thanks all for the advice!
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    Balanced/Unbalanced patchbay questions

    Thanks. I got a DBX balanced patchbay today, I’ll test it out soon!
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    let me see your studio!

    You have NO idea… here’s how it turned out so far!
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    Balanced/Unbalanced patchbay questions

    So, I started this thread thinking there was something wrong with my newly repaired ART MPA II preamp but it turns out it that its a patchbay issue. I'd really like to have this connected via patchbay to my console. I have had it connected via XLR out to 1/4" TS (unbalanced) in to patchbay and...
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    Tascam MS-16 Mods Worth It?

    I am loving my MS-16, all original, from what I can tell and I’m not seeing or hearing a lot of noise, sounds really good to me, not lo fi but warm and accurate. Did I just get lucky? I hope it stays that way as I spend more time with it. But always very interested to hear what Corey has to say...
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    NKD (New Keyboard Day!) – Roland Juno-X just arrived today!

    I love the VR 730, everything that was working in the smaller one but with 76 well made keys and a much more professional build! IT would be a great main keyboard for the stuff you mentioned you need the most.. That said, my Fantom just up and died July 20th, after only 3 years, no reason, no...
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    Tascam ms16, death of a channel

    I have the manual and if I know what schematic to scan, I could post it, if it might help.
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    What Is It That Compells Me…

    Awesome to see that you’re continuing to bring this one back to life! My synth tech resurrected my Yamaha DX7IID that we once thought was going to have to be parted out AND he wanted to get into audio tape, so I traded him a TEAC A-6300 4 track auto reverse 1/4” R2R for it. He’s really enjoying...
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    Tascam parts

    Sorry I haven’t had a chance to look at the Tascam 34B parts for you. I do know that one of the reel tables looks to be bent (right hand side) on my unit, likely from falling over while in storage before I picked it up. I have the head cover but it is missing the Tascam logo plaque. Pinch roller...
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    Tascam M-50, Tascam 34B, Tascam 122MKII Parts

    can you show me the schematics of that part?
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    Tascam M-50, Tascam 34B, Tascam 122MKII Parts

    I have these three units that are non-working that I’m willing to part out, just let me know what you need and we can talk.
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    Placement Ideas for 61 or 88-key MIDI Keyboard With Argosy Halo Desk?

    I agree. That’s what I have done in my studio.