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    THE ABYSS - Heavyish Song Will Putney Guitars

    Thanks man thats kind of a relief hear
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    Ritten House Shuffle - hard rock song

    Ahh cool that a relief I was starting to worry Thanks I appreciate the feedback
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    Ritten House Shuffle - hard rock song

    Thanks there seems to be a problem with no bass on my galaxy 10 or Switch but Tvs google hub monitors etc seems to be fine
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    Angels Wings ( Heavy Song Original)

    Been fun collaborating with a couple of friends on this one
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    Scars - Ehgore1978

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    Spooky Heavy with Bass using the same patch as Guitar experiment collab

    Night Terrors - Original Song Stephen Butler Scott McGinley ehgore1978 - YouTube First collab in a long time as in I didnt sing only some backups Used the axefx guitar patch into a bass guitarfor a dirty bass sound.
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    heavyish guitar harmony song with synth

    Freckle Red - Original Song Scott McGinley Ehgore1978 - YouTube Still chipping away at this recording thing. If anything I feel the mixes are getting "cleaner"
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    Been a While Heavyish Slow Song Bass in mix finally?

    Home - Original Song Scott McGinley (Ehgore1978) LTD TE-1000 Evertune - YouTube y Tried a different room to mix in hopefully that may have been a problem with my non existent bass presence in my mixes
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    Honesty Again _ Synthy Heavy Slow Song

    YouTube Firts song with Omnisphere for Synth and basic Riffs a bit of a departure from my other stuff. Also messed with a couple speech samples to put in the mix aswell
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    New Song Slow Heavy - Those That Lost Control

    New one tried some vocal quadtracking. Drums are looped waiting for a drummer. Bit of guitar echoey stuff YouTube
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    A Place To Hide - Heavy Song 7 string Schecter

    A Place To Hide Demo 19 Feb 2020 Day After Mix by Scortness | Free Listening on SoundCloud Just powering through trying to make slight improvements in mixing just happened to be a heavier one this time
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    Shame On You back to recording after a break

    YouTube Hopefully people can finally here bass in my mixes