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    Green Onions

    Hey Guys, I need your opinion on this song. This is one of a few artist that I manage, which whom decided to redo a blues classic "Green Onions" with a modern take. If you have time, please take a listen and let me know what you think. Iheartradio I'd really appreciate your feedback. David
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    FA:NOS BASF 911 1/2" Tape

    Sorry Guys, I was a little premature here with the post. My friend just informed me that he is going to keep the tape. Thx-
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    WTB:Neve Output Transformer(Marinair LO1166)

    Hi there, I am looking for one or two Marinair (NOT Carnhill) output transformers(LO1166). If you have one or two or know of anyone that does, drop me a PM or email. Thx- David
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    WTB:Sony APR RM-5010 Remote Control

    Hi Guys, I want to buy a Sony RM-5010 remote control. This unit will work with the Sony APR5000,5002, and 5003 tape machine. If you have one or know some one that does, shoot me a PM or email. Thx- David
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    WTB:Ampex 350/351 Tube Electronics

    Hi, I am looking for a working pair of Ampex 350 or 351 tube electronics. If you have either one, contact me at dvanasek at gmail dot com. Thanks, David