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    Head Demagnetizing

    Yup its a newer 1981 album (1981) - I think it doesnt have rollers in it and the tape is being held hard against the head maybe I dunno... I gotta open it and try to put in a different shell.. (No screws so its not gonna be easy)
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    "Welcome to 1979" (ANALOG TAPE) Recording Studio in Nashville.

    Wow thats awesome... I wonder if they still do analogue recordings now... Thier site looks awesome :)
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    vintage cassette tapes?

    I prefer OLDER CASSETTES if I can get them because they started using DIGITAL BINS and the music doeant sound as good at all!! I had a 1975 re-issue of WOODSTOCK 69 and it sounded thin and disgusting.... I then got the orginal 1970 ampex releases and they sound goregous!! I Am a true analogue...
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    cassette tapes that won't play

    I have gotton some newer cassettes from the mid 70s on that wouldnt play well and most of the time its that plastic sheet they put in there on each side.... Take it off and she plays fine!! Sometimes though its because THERE ARE NO ROLLERS!! I dont know what kind of idiot would make a cassette...
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    Head Demagnetizing

    Thats a very useful link!!! I love cassettes and 8tracks and my cassette deck the heads always get dirty.. Especially when I play this one tape..... I usually just wipe off the head with some water or something but that page gives alot of good info.. Im glad the site is still here :)
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    Why so many "Visitors" and so few "Members"?

    I think its nice they dont mind politics being discussed on this base.. Alot of sites frown on ANY POLITICS because of how HOT they can be.....
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    I like to pick Green beans right from the Garden and enjoy them :)
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    My name is Judy Kaszas

    Welcome Brandy!!! I hope you like it here :)
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    Why so many "Visitors" and so few "Members"?

    Ya spammers have made things much harder to reg on many sites.. The captchas sometimes dont show,especially on older browsers... Sadly sites have had to take alot of measures to try and stop thier activities and it makes it harder for the good ones of us that dont mean any harm..
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    Hello...please have a listen.

    Yes a nice Guitar sound,I would love hearing that in analogue!! Thanx for sharing it!!
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    Why so many "Visitors" and so few "Members"?

    Well most sites dont like members attacking other members directly... One can attack the IDEA but not the person. This happens alot sadly....... (Especially on hot matters) Its sad we cant all get along,it seems like people are so upset now with how things are going they take it out on all of...
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    Why so many "Visitors" and so few "Members"?

    I like the group of people here..... I take it your staff gecko zzed :)
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    I dialed 867-5309 in just about EVERY AREA CODE and I found something neat @ 204-867-5309 (The song JENNY (867-5309) playing when you called it :D)
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    Isolate Vocals for FREE!

    Wow thats interesting... What if they were recorded on both channels??
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    Formatting 160GB disk took 21hrs

    I hope ya get things figured out buddy :)