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    DBX 286A Modifications

    I hooked up the sticky i/o board and measured 8Vdc on the insert jack when phantom power is applied. Cleaned the board and the stray voltage went away. I told DBX about this and they were happy to provide me with the schematics of this unit. Of course I've seen this mic preamp design used in...
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    DBX 286A Modifications

    getting back with the 286A for scoobis/innkeeper, I see the problem area in the insert circuit. Its not configured like the usual dc coupled transformer-less insert. Typically the insert is usually AC coupled, but since the board is not provisioned with the solder places for these capacitors...
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    DBX 286A Modifications

    I can Illustrate what I'm referring to, btw different dielectrics have different Xc values, but for argument's sake we can stick to the simpler formulas. Also since we are talking about the capacitive reactance, it changes in resistance at different frequencies. This results in changes in phase...
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    DBX 286A Modifications

    you've got a point. I went and re-flowed the solder on the regulators and its much better :thumbs up: OK since you put it that way, let's do a facelift on the front end. Say, an API 312 w DI input: The only thing different with the input circuit I would do, is change it to where the...
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    DBX 286A Modifications

    here is some pics of the gutz.....
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    DBX 286A Modifications

    4.2K input z is very high impedance for mic inputs. The 20K balanced too seems high considering 10K balanced is the norm. If someone uses the operator's tolerance (called the 10 times rule) then the lowest microphone impedance can only be 420 ohms! so only some of the microphones fit in this...
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    Phantompower and/or mixers for my condensator microphone

    Well are you plugging it into the mic input (pink) ? Also some motherboards require a jumper or a software setting for the phantom on mic. also, are you singing into the front of the mic like this:
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    DBX 286A Modifications

    This neat little channel strip seems to need some modding attention. Its not bad nor really that great, but I think its worth the try to make better.
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    Loud mixes????

    You see the major difference between tape and digital is tape adds a little bit of limiting/compression and digital doesn't. If you ever get the opportunity to visit one of the "big guys" in the mixing world. You'll notice that their tracking signal chain will very rarely contain just a mic pre...
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    Upgrading Mid 2006 mac pro

    Hi I wanted to share my upgrade adventure that I went through a few months ago. When I finally got around to paying for my upgrade to cuebase I could no longer run it on my mac pro. I couldn't upgrade OSX high enough on the computer. So, I tried installing windows 7 64 bit professional. It...
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    Master This Metal Madness

    Soldier Narcotic........
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    true mix specification verses delivery specifications

    Through Observation, I noticed that the audio signal on real analogue format (phonographic record, tape) is different from the CD and MP3 format. Same commercial mix, but more dynamic range on the analogue. So, I'm going ask the question: what is the proper mix specifications that works...