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    VS2480 ROM Board

    A simpler(and cheaper!) solution: Remove the 2480 drive, install in external drive enclosure. Then go to to find VSWE. This software will extract your vs audio files and convert them to WAV or AIFF, which can then be dropped into your DAW of choice. FYI, this software is PC...
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    Recommendation for de-reverb plugin?

    I've just recorded a terrific choral ensemble in a very swimmy space-- all marble surfaces, very tall ceilings, wide and deep room. The sound is glorious, but words are nearly unintelligible--like some BBC choral recordings. Are there any plugs which will clean this up? Dan
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    Are VCRs the World's Cheapest Hi-Fi Reel-to-Reel?

    Back in the 80s, I was on the orchestra audition circuit. Orchestras were getting stingy and arbitrary about how many prospects they would hear, so in addition to a resume, (cassette) tapes of a prescribed repertoire list were required. We were exhorted to use 'the best equipment available to...
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    What have I done?

    Did you resolve this? If not look at the "rate" slider under the main window. It should be in the center, and indicate "1.0". ~d
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    Using VS-2480 with HDMI external Monitor

    I've emailed the seller of that USB 'upgrade' for the 2480 asking him to post a demonstration video. His response was 'it's plug and play, no video needed'. Seems to me that of it really worked, he'd be happy to provide a video, and he would sell a boatload of them. That said, I doubt this...
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    Tired of tangled cables?

    I concur with over/under coiling; it keeps the conductors from twisting. As for ties, a bunch of elastic hair ties with 1" dowels as toggles work swimmingly. d
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    Who needs a stand when you have a paper clip? LOL

    Agreed, they are terrific. I have a pair. My only regret is that I didn't buy more when available. d
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    Unusual Bass Technique

    I am a lefty as well. My dad wanted to switch me over, but my fourth grade teacher convinced him not to. I later made my living as a (French) horn player(which fingers with left hand!) for 35 years. In high school I learned to play guitar and bass right-handed-- putting my 'smart' hand on the...
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    5 string bass tuner ~ is it just me ?

    I tune the 'dropped' B to A-- in octave with the open A, then flip the tuner back to B and check harmonic. ~d
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    5 string bass tuner ~ is it just me ?

    My tuners don't register the low B either. As there is a drop tuner on that string, I drop the B to A and tune in octaves with the A string. ~d
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    cant get sound in reaper please help

    A thought: Since you do get sound in the headphones, the issue is probably not with REAPER, I wonder about the selection of output device in the Audio portion of Audio/MIDI Setup. Be sure that the output device there matches the REAPER audio device preference. Also-- I'm assuming USB connection...
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    Dramatic soprano

    No I haven't-- and the farther you get from C major, the wilder the intonation gets. The 'period' instrument folks would like it. I've played natural horn(no valves) a lot-- there are some partials which have to be manhandled into compliance, and some are nearly unusable. For an example, check...
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    Dramatic soprano

    I did a piano with organ recording in Chicago one August. We'd asked for the HVAC in the hall to be shut down as it was noisy. Well, it was a hot day, so an hour later the piano and organ no longer agreed on pitch. We scrapped ops for the day and had the HVAC restarted. Pitch returned to...
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    Dramatic soprano

    Excellent advice, this. Best of luck in your career. I'm a horn player and could die a happy man in an opera orchestra. ~d