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    What have I done?

    Did you resolve this? If not look at the "rate" slider under the main window. It should be in the center, and indicate "1.0". ~d
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    Using VS-2480 with HDMI external Monitor

    I've emailed the seller of that USB 'upgrade' for the 2480 asking him to post a demonstration video. His response was 'it's plug and play, no video needed'. Seems to me that of it really worked, he'd be happy to provide a video, and he would sell a boatload of them. That said, I doubt this...
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    Tired of tangled cables?

    I concur with over/under coiling; it keeps the conductors from twisting. As for ties, a bunch of elastic hair ties with 1" dowels as toggles work swimmingly. d
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    Who needs a stand when you have a paper clip? LOL

    Agreed, they are terrific. I have a pair. My only regret is that I didn't buy more when available. d
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    Unusual Bass Technique

    I am a lefty as well. My dad wanted to switch me over, but my fourth grade teacher convinced him not to. I later made my living as a (French) horn player(which fingers with left hand!) for 35 years. In high school I learned to play guitar and bass right-handed-- putting my 'smart' hand on the...
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    5 string bass tuner ~ is it just me ?

    I tune the 'dropped' B to A-- in octave with the open A, then flip the tuner back to B and check harmonic. ~d
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    5 string bass tuner ~ is it just me ?

    My tuners don't register the low B either. As there is a drop tuner on that string, I drop the B to A and tune in octaves with the A string. ~d
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    cant get sound in reaper please help

    A thought: Since you do get sound in the headphones, the issue is probably not with REAPER, I wonder about the selection of output device in the Audio portion of Audio/MIDI Setup. Be sure that the output device there matches the REAPER audio device preference. Also-- I'm assuming USB connection...
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    Dramatic soprano

    No I haven't-- and the farther you get from C major, the wilder the intonation gets. The 'period' instrument folks would like it. I've played natural horn(no valves) a lot-- there are some partials which have to be manhandled into compliance, and some are nearly unusable. For an example, check...
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    Dramatic soprano

    I did a piano with organ recording in Chicago one August. We'd asked for the HVAC in the hall to be shut down as it was noisy. Well, it was a hot day, so an hour later the piano and organ no longer agreed on pitch. We scrapped ops for the day and had the HVAC restarted. Pitch returned to...
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    Dramatic soprano

    Excellent advice, this. Best of luck in your career. I'm a horn player and could die a happy man in an opera orchestra. ~d
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    AKG D112 Repair

    Rob is right-- it's already broken-- you can't do any more damage. A couple years ago, I bought a 'partially working' AKG P420 for almost nothing. The seller described the mic as 'losing signal after a few seconds. The problem was loose board to chassis screws causing a poor ground. Mic has been...
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    Clickity Click

    Have you tried this without the surge suppressor? Your mention of the surge protector reminded me of a similar situation a few years ago. We were in the final stages of mastering for a flute, viola and harp recording when we started getting a random 'tick' on playback. Tick would appear in...